Worldcore Announces Update Packages After Fundraising Campaign

After a successful fundraising campaign, Worldcore has announced the launch of large update packages. The prime update will be a PCI DSS compliant wallet for Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. Since Ethereum works with an open and distributed ledger, a PCI DSS compliant wallet will result in highest level of security possible. PCI DSS compliant means that it complies of the strict cyber-securtiy rules of the big credit card agencies (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa). Users of this wallet will be maximally protected against hacking attacks and fraudulent activities.

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The wallet is for Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. These are the currency within the different DAPPS (decentralized applications). To make the payment more simple, new tokens must be ERC20 compliant. ERC20 compliant tokens can interact with multiple wallets, so there is no need to change your code once you enter a new DAPP. The wallet also has charts and a team of professionals is now working on developing extra functions, like smart price alerts via e-mail, SMS and Telegram bot, analytic tools and other functions for professional traders.

Worldcore has been operating since 2014. The company is known for its biometrics authentications options. It was the first ever payment platform to support face and voice recognition technologies worldwide. The company owns mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Together with the announced wallet, an update of the apps was also announced. The Woldcore mobile development team has been working on the integration of the cryptocurrency support into Woldcore mobile apps.

The fundraising campaign made it also possible for Worldcore to work on Roadmap execution. It has now joined both the SEPA as well as the SWIFT networks, in order to reach an higher level of service. The company has also announced the launching of its website in April of this year. Before the end of the fundraising campaign, Worldcore had already launched a prototype of this.

The last announcement was that of the collaboration between Worldcore and Safe Charge. These two companies teaming up, will probably result in over 30 new payment methods for account top-up and pay outs. This is supposed to be finished before the mid of April of this year. This update will increase the service Worldcore provided to its users even more.

The new updates do not come as a surprise. Worldcore is well known for its cutting-edge technologies. The company is a frequent participant of the largest fintech events of Europe, including Finovate Europe and Money2020. Moreover, Worldcore is a member of prestigious Emerging Payments Association, Euro Banking Association and Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.