With Sparklo (SPRK) To Higher ROI Than XRP (XRP) and Terra Classic (LUNC)

The broader cryptocurrency market has been sluggish for the last few days. Among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, XRP (XRP) and Terra Classic (LUNC) have braved the tide and recorded gains of over 10% in a week. However, despite all the good news around XRP (XRP), and Terra Classic (LUNC), analysts don’t expect them to deliver more than 50% in gains within 2023.

That’s negligible when compared to upcoming cryptos like Sparklo. There is so much excitement around Sparklo that some analysts expect gains of 1,500% or more within the year. 

Sparklo (SPRK) excites the market as analysts predict a 1,500% ROI

You are probably wondering why all the FOMO around Sparklo, right? Well, it’s mainly about the use case. Sparklo is aiming to change how precious metals are traded. Sparklo wants to make it possible for investors to buy fractions of gold, silver, and other precious metals in NFTs. For investors that can buy a full NFT, Sparklo will make it possible to convert the NFTs into physical gold or whatever other precious metals they have bought. 

Besides the use case, Sparklo gives investors confidence that their money is safe. That’s because the Sparklo smart contract is audited by InterFi Network and found clean. Sparklo investors are also assured they are not getting into a potential rug pull. That’s because, Sparklo has a 100-year liquidity lock, a factor that forestalls any chance of the founders dumping on investors. 

With such fundamentals and analysts hyping it up, the FOMO around Sparklo is unsurprising. Sparklo is in stage 2 of the presale with a price $0.036, and it is almost sold out as investors rush to get a piece of this high-potential crypto. Check out the link below to learn more about Sparklo. 


XRP (XRP) investors eye $1, but volumes drop

After a rally that saw XRP (XRP) rally by over 10% in a week, analysts believe it could test $1 in the short term. While this could be achieved if positive news emerges from the case between Ripple and the SEC, much could hold XRP back in the short term. For starters, if Bitcoin turns bearish, as it is starting to look at the moment, it could weigh down on XRP (XRP). 

It is also uncertain that the case that XRP (XRP) analysts are pegging their hopes on will go Ripple’s way. Due to these risks, investors seeking superior gains in the year are turning to crypto presales. It is in the presale market that you find gems like Sparklo that have the potential to rally by thousands of percentages. 

Terra Classic (LUNC) rallies by 30%, but momentum dropping 

Terra Classic (LUNC) is doing well at the moment, much better than most top 100 cryptos. Terra Classic (LUNC)’s exciting run has much to do with the ongoing votes on proposals to increase the token burn rate to 1.5%. These proposals have got many analysts predicting that Terra Classic (LUNC) could be headed to $1. However, even with these predictions, Terra Classic (LUNC) is starting to show a weakening momentum weighed down by the broader market. 

If the Terra Classic (LUNC) token burn fails to repeg the UST stablecoin, it could significantly hurt investor confidence around Terra Classic (LUNC). This may explain why investors are turning to low-risk cryptos with exponential growth potential, such as Sparklo. 

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