Will the Novel Coronavirus Force President Trump to Resign?

As the novel coronavirus situation continues to escalate, global repercussions are becoming apparent. In the US, some people even claim how President Trump should resign before he makes things even worse. 

Dealing with the novel coronavirus is no easy feat by any means. 

President Trump and the Novel Coronavirus

For governments, it poses many issues and headaches.

That, in turn, reflects upon all consumers and corporations in the country.

More and more voices seem to echo a similar sentiment regarding the current situation.

They all seem to agree that President Trump needs to resign, as he is incapable of handling this pandemic.

In fact, the President is seemingly incapable of telling the full truth to the American public.

Various conflicting bits of information have been shared by President Trump over the past week.

Misinformation is perhaps the biggest catalyst related to the spreading of the novel coronavirus.

As most people would expect, the chance of President Trump resigning is slim to none.

That being said, it may be best if he stopped spreading information, but on TV and on social media alike.

Official sources should be the ones communicating directly with the public, after all.

As this uneasy situation remains in place, the potential consequences of the novel coronavirus may be rather severe.