Will Bitcoin’s Reputation Suffer due to Online Gambling?

The gambling industry is actually one of the main facilitators of bitcoin’s growth. Traditionally, people have been looking down at online gambling and such a situation certainly leaves many bitcoin enthusiasts quite perplexed. This article will cover some advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin gambling.

When the whole hype about bitcoin got started, most of the early adopters were the true believers of the digital currency. Others were the investors and the speculators that decided to make profits. Bitcoin, and the whole blockchain technology, have been disrupting not only the global monetary system, but also quite a few other industries. When banks started looking into the blockchain, most of the bitcoin enthusiasts were happy, and once the insurance sector started adopting the blockchain technology, it meant an even greater future for cryptocurrencies.


Whether you are pro or against online gambling, one fact is for certain – the industry brings lots of money and it is here to stay. As reported by Norskecasino.casino, currently the growth of the bitcoin casinos is tremendous, their gaming volumes seem to triple, or even quadruple, on the year-to-year basis. Apart from attracting bitcoin users, such casinos are actually making regular online casino players adopt to using bitcoin.

Hence, we can clearly see that even though the activity does not provide advantages to humanity, it does motivate people to adopt bitcoin, in one way or another. Furthermore, as this industry is quite profitable, it is expected that some of the profits will be shared with other bitcoin-related sites and services: miners, exchanges, bitcoin media sites and so on. Hence, a share of the money from bitcoin gambling is partially used to promote the idea of the bitcoin.


Perhaps, the most obvious disadvantage is the reputation of the cryptocurrency. Everyone remembers the times when BTCs were mostly used to buy illegal items on the Silk Road. This drove many individuals and organizations to think that bitcoin is something dangerous rather than useful. If bitcoin gambling overtakes regular online casinos, it is probable that all of the evils of gambling will be blamed on bitcoin.

Apart from the impact on reputation, an obvious disadvantage here is that almost every casino operator is not a bitcoin supporter. Hence, the BTC earnings are very likely to be exchanged for fiat currencies.

The final thought

Bitcoin gambling certainly comes with quite a few disadvantages, but the recent regulatory changes do show that it is useful for the whole BTC community. Apart from that, currently bitcoin gambling contributes towards a large share of the whole transactions. As a result, it is possible to forecast the that bitcoin’s reputation may suffer a little, but such a decay may be worth greater adoption rates.

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