Why SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Business Need a Mobile app?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a particular model of software distribution when a customer rents software on a cost-per-usage basis with a monthly payment. It is a great way to use products without actually buying and integrating them. Many enterprises adopted this model to provide their employees with all they need for work. When this or that product is not important anymore, the company can simply stop subscribing to it.

The problem here is that most products are linked to the desks and stop deliver full value when user turns off the computer and steps out of the office. Of course, some software requires solid hardware to do all the complex functions, and it’s unlikely to bring such products to mobile devices completely. But there are ways to identify what features users need the most and provide them with these features on mobile. This is when saas mobile app development takes the lead. More and more applications will be created, and the demand will be there as it is already here now.

According to Gartner Inc, markets for SaaS are going to grow in the nearest future. They predict the extension of spending on such apps to $201 billion in 2019 compared to $149 in 2015. Cloud-based technology will modernize and replace outdated and heavy commercial software. It opens wide horizon for the cloud based saas mobile application development. Now is a good time to start looking more in that direction, the website ergonotes explained.

Mobile saas app development and its benefits

To use software as a service on a mobile devices custom applications are needed. They can be used both as additions or dashboard for a desktop software or as independent programs. Dropbox is a good example here. There is also a difference between stand-alone and SaaS apps. Here are some of them that are especially worth mentioning:

  • SaaS apps can be downloaded directly from the app store or computer with the help of secure login, so there is no need for desktop downloads.
  • For the vendor, SaaS apps are more beneficial as their monetization is based on monthly payments that depend on different features such as storage capacity or number of users/services.
  • SaaS apps are perfect for team cooperation as they usually allow to interact in real time while stand-alone ones usually don’t provide users with such possibilities.
  • All the information from SaaS apps is stored in the cloud so there is no need to export anything to Dropbox or elsewhere.

Also, let us mention some other advantages of SaaS that speak loudly for the mobile saas app development. If you have any doubts, this list might help.

It is accessible and updateable

To use your SaaS application users only need their mobile device and internet connection. There is also no need to update anything, so IT-departments of businesses can have a break. It makes SaaS mobile solutions more lucrative for many companies to set up and pay for such software.

It can be easily scaled

For startup, the most basic options are often enough as there are no hundreds of employees and no tons of data. However, as the business grows, there is a way to simply adjust monthly subscription in order to get more services without thinking about expensive licenses and so on.

The revenue can be planned

For you, as the owner of SaaS application, it is much simpler to predict your income as such apps are monetized through a monthly subscription. Once you find your users, the income can be planned and counted on.

To sum up, there are separate lists of benefits for customers and vendors.

For customers:

  • Next to no risks;
  • Little deployment time;
  • No need for ongoing maintenance;
  • Fast access to all the features and updated;
  • Cost based on usage.

For vendors:

  • Scaling for cost savings capture;
  • Predictability of revenue;
  • Single code base for maintenance.

Forget about the lack of skills

Many companies that want to build a saas application keep hesitating because they don’t have enough skills for mobile development. Their products are browser-driven, and it often feels safer to stay inside the comfort zone and stick to what the team knows the best. Of course, the environments are different, but the bandwidth issues should not stand in the way of your customers’ needs.

Stop hesitating and hire a team of developers that knows what to do to take your services to the new level. Saas app development cost is not that high as your revenue may be if you truly improve your product and take it to the new level of usability. You can always start with the MVP or a prototype to get a grip on what it will all look like.

Prices for such development can be different depending on the number of people in a team, complexity of features, availability of clear expectations that influence the number of hours needed for the development. There are also important details such as security testing and others that can increase the price. However, it might be a good investment as more and more businesses will switch to the cloud-based solutions, including SaaS applications.

Don’t stop just because you have great responsive website

Responsive websites may look great on mobile devices; however, they are not the same as custom applications for ios or android. Once a person starts working more with the smartphone, it gets annoying to use mobile browser all the time. Apps are way more convenient as there’s no need to update them all the time, they provide users with notifications and tend to keep up with many interruptions.

To sum up, no responsive website can replace a native app that is developed for mobile with all the specifics. The task of software as a service application is to provide users with the means of performing tasks in the most efficient ways. So, only native apps can do that and fully satisfy the needs of modern users.


Don’t forget to think about legal side. The privacy agreements, terms, and conditions of usage, etc. The arrangements should be made before you launch, so it’s a good idea to think about it at the early stages.

Adapt your product to mobility

SaaS products are usually very well-thought through, they have complex workflows that are systematized and organized for the desktop. It makes it really simple to work with these products on the laptop or pc. But in the modern world, the logic is changing. As mentioned above, only mobile versions can provide users with an appropriate level of efficiency and convenience. Though it doesn’t mean that you should just bring your product to mobile.

There should be completely new logic driven by the mobility. Concentrate on a dashboard that will make it clear from the first touch on what steps can be done in what directions. Nobody wants to waste time on grasping the idea of how the interface is organized, what should be swiped and what are the next steps.

Working with the SaaS mobile application should not be a challenge; it should be a reward. It is always safer to create a prototype to see how your customers interact with the features you want to implement. Talk to them, ask questions, make it work for them. And the success will come inevitably!

Do it because it’s worth it – not because you have to

Developing saas apps might be a challenge. Not only you bring all the features to mobile, but also make them even better to make your clients happier and also to gain new clients. Don’t start working on the app just because you feel that it might be a good idea to leave your footprint in the mobile world. If you only worked with the web so far, it is a long way to the point where you will totally understand the difference between web and mobile.

However, this journey can be very interesting and rewarding not only in the end but also along the way. Working on a new platform for your service, you have a chance to look at it from a new angle and add new value to it. Or you can find some gaps that deserve improvement. It is hard to predict how it will go, but if you pay attention, you are not likely to ever be disappointed.


In the world full of mobile devices, we simply cannot advise to not build one for such an important area as SaaS. Every saas app development company (the same as any other modern business) has to think about making it better and throwing the ball higher. With all the competition on the market, it gets easier to lose customers. Only the best ones survive and have a chance to grow. Don’t lose your time and chances on doubts. Go for it and win.