Why Golteum (GTLM) Is Poised To Outperform Litecoin (LTC) In The Crypto Market

Considering the price changes and fluctuations the cryptocurrency market has been taking regarding altcoins, many cryptocurrency investors have been looking for a way to switch up their investments and keep their money safe. Litecoin (LTC), an open-source peer-to-peer altcoin, and Golteum (GTLM) are two of these secure investment options with impressive returns.

Golteum is a cryptocurrency and NFT marketplace and trading platform allowing users to combine precious metals and cryptocurrency trading. As cryptocurrency investors are interested in safe investment options, Golteum is proving to be the platform that provides these options.

Golteum runs solely to improve the adoption of investments in precious physical metals on the blockchain. As a top De-Fi platform in the cryptocurrency space, Golteum focuses strongly on giving you the best user experience you can get with a transparent and secure trading and lending record and platform.

Golteum has teamed up with top security platform, Fireblocks, to achieve these goals and promises for users. Integrating the Fireblocks Web3 infrastructure products into the platform, all the assets on Golteum are protected from unauthorized transfer or minting of tokens, cyber attacks, and human error.

Golteum provides physical metals such as gold and silver as a more accessible investment option for retail investors through precious metal-backed NFTs and tokens. Golteum customers save more money by purchasing these precious metals at a near-spot price.

Golteum, even at its early stage, has proven to be a big-time investment option that will provide the best returns that are as secure as possible. The native token, GLTM, has experienced a price jump of 90% from the private sale to the 1st presale event. Experts have also predicted that GLMT will bring approximately 300% returns to token holders at the end of the presale phase.

Better Days Ahead For Litecoin (LTC)?

Litecoin (LTC) hit a downturn like other altcoins on the cryptocurrency market early in June due to the SEC launching back-to-back lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase. The volatility caused the price of LTC to go down by almost 20%, and the token has struggled to regain lost value. However, Litecoin (LTC) has a halving event underway, and most crypto enthusiasts believe there could be a price pump on the crypto asset.

GLTM Is A Must-Have On Presale

GLTM is the native token of the Golteum platform with a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. The token enables holders to earn rewards, staking, pay for access to the precious metals on the platform, etc. With an early presale, investors acquire these tokens at the best rates possible, with promising returns in the following months. In the first round of private sales, about 32,500,000 tokens were sold out in 48 hours at 0.0074.

The second round just opened and is trading at 0.012 USDC, an increase from the last round. There are only 55,000,000 available for sale. Buyers like you during this round will get an exclusive 25% bonus. With prices predicted to hit 0.04 USDC in the coming weeks, now is the best time to purchase GLTM.

Golteum is a platform that keeps proving its credibility over again with security backed by Fireblocks, a smart contract audited and approved by Certik, and Six team members earning Certik’s honorary Silver badge.

Join the Golteum presale now and claim a 25% bonus waiting for you.

Learn more about the Golteum presale.

Website: https://www.golteum.io

Presale: https://presale.golteum.io/register

Telegram: https://t.me/golteum

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