Why Consider Rublix?

The Spring and Summer of 2017 have been defined by the sheer amount of projects and ICOs that launched during it. This leads to a lot of noise and confusion among investors. With so many options, it may be hard to decide which -if any- projects are worth investing in. One project that investors may want to check out is Rublix.

Why Rublix?

Rublix is for people who believe that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain is not done growing. However, some of those very same people are left frightened or discouraged by the blockchain and cryptocurrencies simply because of how new they are. This hesitation by newcomers is what limits the growth and current adoption of cryptos and the blockchain, but does not limit its potential.

That is why this project is focused on bringing newcomers into the blockchain by addressing some of the most common concerns and issues investors and traders have with cryptocurrencies. They are doing this by developing products which make embracing the blockchain second nature.

Not Just Another Whitepaper Without a Product

The cryptocurrency community is all too familiar with the get rich quick and “paradigm shifting” projects that have popped up with little more to offer than a meagerly prepared whitepaper. This is one place where Rublix shines out from the crowd. They are actively developing their products and have a detailed roadmap with launch dates that they are following.

One product is TradersEdge. This is Rublix’s flagship for getting new traders and investors into the cryptocurrency markets. For anyone familiar with traditional trading platforms and software, they will feel very at home with this product. Its screenshots and description depict a professional looking platform that feels similar to well known traditional trading platforms. This attention to user experience is just one of the many reasons why it is worth checking out the Rublix project and its products in development. TradersEdge is set to launch in Q2 of 2018.

Another reason why it is worth taking a look at Rublix is their project called Hedge. This platform helps investors who are not used to the space make informed and educated trading decisions. Users will be able to follow and copy the trades made by other investors on the platform based off the value and rank of those investors. The more correct a trader or investor is on the platform, the higher their corresponding rank will be. This means that junior investors will be able to quickly determine the value of a trader’s actions and learn from it. Hedge is slated to come out either Q1 or Q2 of 2018

Finally, the wallet that Rublix is building will help newcomers get accustomed to how using cryptocurrencies for daily transactions and savings works. This is called Centurio and it will be a cross-platform solution as a wallet and contract organizer. Centurio is scheduled to launch Q3 – Q4 of 2017.

There are many reasons to take a look at Rublix, but the projects that it is currently developing are among the most convincing.

Find out more about their project: http://rublix.io

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