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WhatsApp Looks To Integrate Two-factor Authentication Shortly

Governments all over the world are scrutinising WhatsApp for their end-to-end encryption. As the social messaging platform wants to ensure that customer privacy is respected, the additional security is more than warranted. But the company is taking things one step further, as they are actively experimenting with two-factor authentication security as we speak.

WhatsApp Wants Even More Security For Its Users

It is always good to see social messaging providers invest more time and effort into adding new security measures. WhatsApp, currently one of the most popular platforms among all demographics, is looking to beef up their security game. Two-factor authentication has not been available until now, as the company is actively exploring the integration of such a feature.

Despite these positive efforts, the year 2016, has not always been good for WhatsApp. Enabling end-to-end encryption was applauded by all users, but governments grew anxious over this decision. After all, many officials feel that this decision makes it easier for criminals and terrorists to communicate with one another.

What is hurting the company’s reputation is how they are sharing data with Facebook. This type of activity is not acceptable for WhatsApp, and it remains to be seen if that situation will change. Facebook owns WhatsApp, so it is doubtful that there will be no more data sharing in the future.

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On the two-step authentication front, the option is only available in the app’s latest beta version. Users can enable this feature, which is not turned on by default. Users can verify their phone number together with a six-digit passcode. While this may seem like an insignificant measure, it should prevent hackers from accessing WhatsApp accounts by merely verifying one’s phone number.

Enabling the two-factor authentication feature can be done through the Settings menu. It is expected that this feature will be pushed live in the coming weeks, though no official timeline has been announced by the company at this time. As an added security measure, users can only verify one phone number per headset every seven days, unless a passcode is provided.

But there is more, as the company will also actively delete accounts if a number is reverified on WhatsApp after 30 days of previously having lost the app. This means that all conversations will be lost, and users will start off with a brand new account. Any pending messages will also be deleted. This is a rather bold move by the company, but it is evident that such measures are needed at this stage.

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