What Will The Bitcoin Price Be Come April 1st?

Bitcoin price prediction can be a very lucrative market although it is rather difficult to predict the volatility associated with this popular digital currency. For those not looking to make a monetary gain, but rather see if they can make accurate Bitcoin price predictions, Digital Space Post has an exciting opportunity. Assuming one can guesstimate the Bitcoin price on April 1st correctly, a CryptoVest Physical Litecoin – loaded with 1 LTC – could become yours

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Predicting the Bitcoin Price Is Not Easy

Themerkle_Bitcoin Price Prediction

One thing people can hardly argue about is how difficult it can be to estimate the upcoming Bitcoin price. Even when it comes to guessing the value in an hour from now, the result could be way different than what people anticipate it will be. But that isn’t keeping enthusiasts from posting their daily and weekly technical analysis, as well as a prediction of what the Bitcoin price might bring in the coming days.

While there are plenty of platforms to learn more about analyzing price charts and exchanging thoughts and ideas with like-minded people, Bitcoin has proven to be rather fickle creature in the financial world. The Bitcoin price responds in an untraditional way on the good, bad, and regular news.

Bitcoin price analysts have to keep in mind how there are a ton of different factors which can affect the value of one BTC at any given time. There are still lots of speculators holding semi-large amounts of digital currency, which can be sold at any given moment. This scenario of the so-called bears and bulls is not uncommon in the Bitcoin world, although is is taking place far less frequent than before.

Looking at things from a monetary perspective, “betting” on the Bitcoin price can become a very costly matter rather quickly. Investing large amounts of money in digital currency can work out in a favorable manner, but it is always a risk, similar to any other type of investment ever created.

Win A CryptoVest Physical Litecoin

Themerkle_Bitcoin Price Prediction CryptoVest Physical Litecoin

Digital Space Post wants people to submit their Bitcoin price predictions over the coming weeks. The person whose Bitcoin price prediction is closest to the digital currency’s value on April 1st at 12 AM EST will be a CryptoVest Physical Litecoin, loaded with one LTC. Keeping in mind how there are only 3,150 of these coins minted, it is a nice collector’s item for digital currency enthusiasts.

The Bitcoin price value will be taken from the Preev website – denominated in USD –  and presents an interesting contest to make Bitcoin more appealing to enthusiasts and novice users alike. Those analysts who feel pretty confident about their Bitcoin price prediction will be able to gain a lot of money, as well as have a chance to add this CryptoVest Physical Litecoin to their collection.

Note from the Author: Make sure to submit your prediction before March 10th, as this is the cutoff date for this giveaway.

Source: Digital Space Post

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