What Is Zodiac?

There can never be enough competition among cryptocurrency exchanges. Even though the number of decentralized markets is increasing, Zodiac will be a centralized solution targeting the retail market.

The Zodiac Cryptocurrency Exchange

It is quite interesting to see how the Invest.com team has decided to venture into the world of cryptocurrency trading all of a sudden. In launching their new Zodiac crypto exchange, the team is looking to focus on the retail market first and foremost. While the platform is not open to the public as of yet, it seems to hold a lot of promise for cryptocurrency traders. With existing solutions failing to scale in time, a different approach seems more than warranted.

According to its website, Zodiac will be a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange for the retail market. The team aims to address the problems current centralized exchanges face when it comes to taking advantage of the growing market. Moreover, the increasing degree of regulation is also something most exchanges aren’t handling all that well, according to the Zodiac people. Offering a scalable, compliant, and accessible solution to mainstream retail investors is an interesting approach, even though it remains to be seen how this will all play out exactly.

The new trading platform will leverage the experience of the Invest.com team. However, they acknowledge they can’t make this venture succeed on their own, which is why they are partnering with the Bittrex team to build this infrastructure from the ground up. Given Bittrex’s reputation in the cryptocurrency world, that partnership makes a lot of sense.

At first, the Zodiac exchange will focus on online marketing, affiliation, customer acquisition, customer service, compliance, and security. Checking all of these boxes will not be easy, yet with both experienced teams joining forces, there are some interesting options to explore in this regard. While this venture has a lot of potential, pulling it off in the real world is something else entirely.

It also appears that Zodiac will be cross-platform. This allows both computer and mobile users to access it from day one, although it remains to be seen when the trading platform will launch exactly. As of right now, there is no official release date set for Zodiac, as this project is still in the very early stages of development, by the look of things.

With more and more people showing an interest in decentralized exchanges, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Zodiac and other centralized platforms. Decentralized exchanges are not all that convenient to use as of right now, even though that’s slowly changing. If Zodiac can properly focus on scaling and security, they should face no real problems when it comes to making an impact on the market.