What Is Zebi Cryptocurrency?

India’s annual digital data consumption is on the rise, and many experts predict that by 2020, the South Asian nation will consume around 3 zebibytes of information per year (1 zebibyte is approximately one trillion gigabytes). However, amidst all of this, there has also been a sharp increase in the number of cases of data hacks, data leaks, data tampering, and identity thefts, which have been found to cost private and public Indian organizations an estimated annual loss of $30 billion.

Zebi is an all-new blockchain-driven digital solution that aims to make high-value, sensitive data readily available for legitimate use. Owing to its use of a highly secure core infrastructure, Zebi is able to protect its users against third-party hacking and tampering, while obtaining consent from participating individuals.

The platform consists of the Zebi Chain, whose main aim is to provide immutability to critical records, coupled with a central hub called Zebi Data Gateway which assists in secure and instant data exchange through Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) APIs.

Additionally, Zebi can be integrated fully with the Ethereum blockchain.  Zebi Chain provides customers with a high degree of flexibility in relation to private/public blockchain utilization as well as smart contract deployment. As a result, the platform makes sure that all data exchanges occur only with the consent of involved parties, and that each individual stakeholder receives his or her deserved share of data monetization.

Overview of the platform

  • Due to its ability to facilitate secure data transactions, Zebi can be used within industries such as education, healthcare, employment, credit scoring, and fraud detection.
  • Zebi’s proprietary, patent-pending solution is unique. All digital development of the platform has been carried out by an affiliate company called Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd.
  • The Zebi platform has been well received in India, and the parent company has already signed a multi-year contract to implement Zebi Chain to safeguard land assets for various state entities.
  • All internal monetary transactions are facilitated through the use of a native currency called Zebi Coin (ZCO).

Key Features

When looked at broadly, we find that the Zebi ecosystem consists primarily of 2 interconnected proprietary components, Zebi Chain and Zebi Data Gateway. Both of these solutions are designed to protect individuals, data providers and data requesters as well as to facilitate the secure, seamless exchange of information among the aforementioned parties.

Zebi Chain can be thought of as a proprietary lightweight satellite application that can be installed by various data providers, providing them with a high level of immutability, primarily through the use of blockchain-based ledgers.

Primary offerings of the Zebi ecosystem

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the number of nodes in the private blockchain are entirely configurable and can be integrated with Ethereum’s public blockchain for complete data security.

Domains in which Zebi can be implemented

The Zebi Data Gateway is the portal which links all of the participants within the Zebi Chain. It’s got a simple registration process and can facilitate instant data exchanges through uniquely constructed DaaS APIs and by procuring individual consent wherever needed.

How it works

As mentioned previously, Zebi Chain is one of the two main components of the Zebi platform. It can be configured and installed on the existing digital infrastructures of educational institutions, enterprises, or even government departments which generate, issue, update and facilitate data required by data requesters.

Visual representation of how Zebi Chain works

The application is extremely lightweight and can be set up within a matter of minutes. Some of its key aspects include:

  • Serves as a single node application or a private permissioned blockchain for a group of data owners
  • Allows for efficient DaaS API-based data exchange processes
  • Minimizes the effort required to attend to data requests and manual checking of records

Overview of the platform

The Zebi Data Gateway connects with Zebi Chain installations and allows individuals and data requesters to facilitate secure and seamless data exchange via blockchain-powered DaaS APIs. A registered requester has the ability to submit a data request by filling in relevant details including those related to the individuals and data providers involved.

Every part of the aforementioned process is automated, and thus there is a true paperless exchange of information. Moreover, all communications and transactions are recorded on immutable blockchain-based audit trails.

About the team

Babu Munagala is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. Munagala has been in the Asian digital space for more than a decade and has previously worked in conjunction with various high-profile government-affiliated tech entities.

Sudheer Kuppam is the co-founder of this project. Prior to getting on board at Zebi, Sudheer was the former managing director at Intel Capital as well as the founder of his own venture capital firm, Epsilon Venture Partners.  

Token Performance Details

All monetary transactions taking place within the Zebi ecosystem are governed by a native currency called Zebi (ZCO).

ZCO token lifetime performance chart (courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

Released into the crypto market less than a week back, ZCO tokens are currently surging in value. As of May 5, the price of a single coin currently stands at $0.179.

However, due to the newness of this currency, it is still hard to predict how its value will evolve in the coming months.

Final thoughts

Zebi promises to deliver a unique blockchain-driven, holistic solution that can make high value and sensitive data readily available for legitimate use. Not only that, Zebi also safeguards consumer data against hacking and tampering, while obtaining consent from individuals.

As a result of its amazing technological framework, it would not be surprising to see Zebi do extremely well this year.

If you would like to start investing in Zebi, ZCO trading pairs are currently being offered on Qryptos and IDEX.