What Is XPlay?

An interesting connection exists between cryptocurrency and the entertainment industry. So far, a few hybrid projects have been explored by various companies, but nothing major has come to market yet. With XPlay, a relatively new cryptocurrency, that situation may come to change. With a focus on blockchain and artificial intelligence, the future of entertainment will look very different if this project is successful.

What is XPlay Doing Differently?

On paper, XPlay is designed to become a global extreme entertainment technology and tokenized ecosystem. While this sounds rather confusing, the concept has a lot of merit. By bringing blockchain to the entertainment industry, a lot of exciting new opportunities will open up. For now, the project focuses on Greater China and the APAC region, with a strong focus on both adult and gaming content. The project will generate digital information on every content type and share it on a blockchain.

How can XPlay Achieve all of This?

There is no lack of ambition as far as XPlay is concerned, but making this vision come true will require a lot of effort. XPlay positions itself as a blockchain-based user-content oriented ecosystem for releasing, recommending, and trading adult entertainment. It supports interactive live-streaming as well as B2C entertainment. Users are incentivized to interact with content creators in a meaningful way. There will also be a ranking system for both users and content, as well as monetary rewards for platform-based activity in general.

Furthermore, XPlay will use artificial intelligence-based translation services to expand its various entertainment projects. Although the initial focus is on adult and gaming content, there is no type of content the platform cannot handle in due time, assuming it’s legal. This AI solution will let users set their own preferences and will suggest content to watch based on their habits. All content shared on the platform comes with its own usage rights. Users will be able to ask for permission to use said content – such as for streaming a video – in exchange for payment conducted via the native XPlay currency.

Moreover, XPlay wants to use the blockchain to keep the most engaging videos on the ledger at all times. This should help the adult entertainment industry generate more consistent revenue over time, although it remains to be seen how this feature will work exactly. The most interesting part of a clip will be split into smaller pieces on the blockchain to further increase overall profit for content creators. All of this will be done without compromising user privacy, as private information and browsing history will not be shared on the blockchain unless explicitly allowed.

What is Next for XPlay?

It is difficult to know what comes next for this project, unfortunately. Its developers have been relatively quiet since the company raised several million dollars in its initial coin offering. There is no actual roadmap as of right now, and it seems communication with investors is less than optimal at this stage. While no one doubts the ambition of this team, their lack of communication and an outlined vision makes it difficult to judge what is happening behind the scenes. For all we know, their entire business model has changed since the ICO concluded several months ago.