What Is the Walton Cryptocurrency?

Very few cryptocurrency projects have made such an impact as Waltonchain. This particular blockchain-based project has been of great interest to investors and speculators alike. Indeed, the value of the Walton cryptocurrency had soared to new heights by the end of last year. Even so, few people are aware of what this currency can be used for.

Waltonchain has its own Currency

Like virtually any new project focusing on blockchain technology, Walton had to have its own native currency. Without one, investors might not see the merit in the new platform. On the other hand, it would be better if existing projects embraced existing major currencies. In the case of Waltonchain, the Walton cryptocurrency – WTC – is the native means of transferring value on the network. It was a golden opportunity for speculators and investors alike, as the value of WTC had risen dramatically before all markets crashed hard.

What can I do With my WTC?

Even though the Walton cryptocurrency is designed to be the main method of transferring value in the Waltonchain ecosystem, its use cases are seemingly limited for the time being. While this project hopes to make a big impact on the Internet of Things industry, there is still a lot of work to be done. Decentralizing IoT-based communication will not be an easy feat, as such projects take time and money to reach their full potential.

With four stages of development yet to be completed, it is evident the number of use cases for the Walton cryptocurrency will slowly increase from here on out. Until the technology is used within actual IoT products, there is no real value to this token other than the typical factors of hype and speculation. The RFID chips to be used in this ecosystem will go into production soon, and they will allow users to pay for, manage, trace, and trade products using the Walton cryptocurrency. This “smart credit system” is certainly something to look forward to.

To some users, it may not be entirely clear whether or not this token is needed. There’s always a question as to whether new blockchain networks need their own currencies. In the case of the Walton cryptocurrency, it remains to be seen how successful it can be. With 100 million WTC to be brought into circulation, the supply is rather limited. Potential future use cases include issuing sub-chains on the network, the upcoming decentralized exchange, and IoT applications in general. Once all of the infrastructure is in place, we will finally be able to determine the real-world value of the Walton cryptocurrency.

Is it Easy to buy the Walton Cryptocurrency?

Sadly, the answer to this question is a resounding “no”. It is easy for the people who already own a popular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. For everyone else, it is impossible to buy the Walton cryptocurrency directly, as no exchange outside of South Korea allows for a direct fiat currency conversion. It is possible that the situation will change in the future. With both Bitcoin and Ethereum being the largest WTC trading markets in general, it is evident this is the best route to obtaining this currency.