What is the ConsenSys Academy Program?

A lot of Ethereum enthusiasts would like nothing more than to get a job in the world of cryptocurrency. Normally, that is not an easy task, unless you have some good coding skills. However, the ConsenSys Academy program may shake things up quite a bit in the future. It is quite an interesting concept that will attract a lot of attention for sure.

The ConsenSys Academy Program in a  Nutshell

It is quite interesting to see how companies try to bring our people to the world of blockchain technology right now. A lot of Ethereum enthusiasts will be all too familiar with the ConsenSys name. This company has been making a lot of headway in the world of Ethereum development so far, and they aim to continue doing that in the future. Their latest project revolves around organizing an impressive academy program to start recruiting new personnel.

To be more specific, the ConsenSys Academy program will commence on August 1st and run until September 10th 2017. During this time, the world’s largest blockchain venture studio will provide a blockchain training program for developers. The goal of this program is to prepare developers to become part of the Ethereum and blockchain ecosystem, with a chance of landing a job at ConsenSys. It is quite an intriguing initiative, to say the least.

It is important to note anyone elected to be a part of this lucrative academic program will need to bring a passion for blockchain coding to the table. In exchange, all expenses will be paid for during this 10-week course, and people who finish the course successfully will receive an official ConsenSys graduation certificate. More importantly, they will have a chance to start working for the company as soon as they are graduated.

For anyone who is passionate about blockchain coding, the ConsenSys Academy course could be what they are looking for. This is an on-site, hands-on blockchain coding session for real projects ConsenSys is working on right now. Being a part of this growing ecosystem will be invaluable, especially when considering one could actually be employed by one of the largest companies in the space. However, spots are limited, and interested parties need to submit their application before July 1st.

As one would expect from such a program, there will be a coding test screen. Online training and exercises will be part of the program as well. The Onsite Finals will take place at the Dubai Future Foundation, and ConsenSys will organize all flights, visa requirements, and accommodation for the people partaking in the graduation ceremony. All things considered, this is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is passionate about blockchain coding right now.

All of this goes to show there is a growing demand for blockchain coders all over the world. It does not happen often one could actually land a job by attending an impressive academy program. Then again, not everyone will make it through this ten-week course either, as it will be quite challenging. There is plenty of reason to be excited about this course, but it will also require a lot of hard work to make it to the graduation ceremony.

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