What Is the Bitcoin Cash Fund?

The launch of Bitcoin Cash has been a mixed bag for the overall cryptocurrency community. It is clear that Bitcoin Cash will remain an altcoin with the Bitcoin name attached for quite some time to come. However, the launch of the Bitcoin Cash Fund may shake things up quite a bit. It is an interesting venture, to say the least.

The Bitcoin Cash Fund is Intriguing

In the world of cryptocurrency, community members and investors often look to developers to sort out everything related to a specific currency. Whether it is coding, marketing, developing new tools, raising awareness, or even speaking at conferences, developers are expected to do everything these days. That is not a sustainable vision for the future, as developers should be allowed to focus on the coding aspect of their jobs first and foremost. This is why the Bitcoin Cash community is working on a venture known as the Bitcoin Cash Fund.

This idea started out as a venture to “crowdfund” US$200 worth of BCH to produce a short animation video about BCH and publish pamphlets to raise additional awareness. So far, the Bitcoin Cash Fund has received over US$17,000 from various sources. This means a lot of money has been raised to market this altcoin. With a few dedicated volunteers on board as well, things are looking bright for this initiative.

It is good to see the Bitcoin Cash community come together at such an important time in the history of this cryptocurrency. Right now, most people focus on the speculative side of BCH, but it is obvious there is a lot more to this currency than most people give it credit for. Pushing for increased adoption will not be easy, even though things have steadily progressed in that department. This will be the main focus of the Bitcoin Cash Fund moving forward, as the community-driven effort seeks to push BCH adoption to new heights.

One of the key areas to address immediately is ensuring the Bitcoin Cash Fund remains efficient and effective. With nearly 100 volunteers already dedicating their time and effort, things are off to a good start. However, there is still no framework to process donations to the Bitcoin Cash Fund and then to the community in exchange for their involvement. Considering the need to be as decentralized and transparent as possible, a proper approach will need to be found.

The current plan of action doesn’t revolve around the Bitcoin Cash Fund handing projects down for community members to work on. Instead, it will work the other way around. Community members will be the driving force behind new projects, which means they are free to come up with crazy ideas as they see fit. It’s a solid approach, assuming there will be enough proposals to ensure adoption can be achieved. Moreover, project leaders can put in proposals for funding, which will then be filled by the Bitcoin Cash fund.

It is certainly true there are still a lot of details yet to be worked out. Governance of the Bitcoin Cash fund, for example, will be a critical area to tackle. A two-of-three multisignature wallet address will be created to set things up initially. As this project scales, other solutions may need to be considered, though. Three board members will be running the show for the time being, but this is also subject to change as time progresses.

  • Sheri

    At last something worth tweeting! Great job! ❤️?

  • Peter Himmelman

    Nice to see active progress with BCH.

  • Flaim

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    LiteCoin has proven Lightening Network and Atomic swaps between LTC and BTC
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    We move funds between the 2 coins as we want using lightening and atomic.
    Job Done ! Scaling Solved ! Btrash Dead !

    [ Say No BCH Btrash ]

    • Sheri

      Unsure if you noticed, this article is about BitcoinCash… you sound stupid

      • Flaim

        Yes, BitCoin Cash = Btrash
        And after all it’s attacks on BitCoin, people like me are fighting back against the bullsit that they spread.
        Not to save you but to save the new users from making a big mistake.

        • Sheri

          BitcoinCash was given in equivalent amounts to BTC holders, as an upgrade. How can that equate to an attack? If you got the upgraded programme. When your phone updates, it’s not an attack, you get the upgrade for free. You still sound stupid. Clearly, you don’t understand bitcoin.

          • Flaim

            As I said I’m not here to convince you because you must have been living in a cave these past 3 months and seem to have only the tiniest understanding of whats been going on. Have fun with your Btrash.

            Everyone else just stay away from BCash ! It’s owned by evil people.
            Just buy BitCoin and hold 🙂

          • Sheri

            Again, you make no sense. BitcoinCash is not owned by anyone. It is owned by bitcoinshare holders. I along with all bitcoin holders were given the equivalent BitcoinCash. If you don’t know this, and you don’t know that no one owns the blockchain, then please stop spreading rubbish

          • Flaim

            It’s okay, you keep living in your bubble – it must be wonderful in there.
            BCH has 2 dictators called Roger Ver and Jihadi Wu. Between them they own over 50% of Btrash mining hashrate so they can double spend any time they want. Btrash was setup so they can make lots of money from fools like yourself through their mining rewards, and they own the developers that change the code when ever they ask, so they can fine tune their profit making. Btrash was also setup to be one of the ways they attack BitCoin to destabilize it in the hopes of taking over the BitCoin project.
            You and the rest of the conned fools that haven’t dumped your BCH on sight are part of the problem because you invest in Btrash and it’s only a matter of time before Ver & Wu launch another attack.

            [Say No BCH BCrasH]

          • Sheri

            What are you are smoking..?

  • Flaim

    Btrash users work for free to give Btrash miners and Roger Ver more profits.

  • Atropix K. Loop

    BTG Down to the ground 😉 Sell as fast as possible!