What is Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder?

People involved in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency eventually exhibit traits of OCD. To be more specific, there are people who suffer from obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder. Given all of the hype and excitement surrounding this industry, that is anything but surprising. However, it can cause quite some issues regarding mental health and reduce one’s social life to a bare minimum.

Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder is a Real Thing

Outsiders often underestimate the willpower it takes to not look at cryptocurrency trading charts all day. As soon as someone owns a Bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrency, they will want to keep tabs on the price. That is only normal, even though things may not change all that much over the course of a day. To be more specific, a lot of volatility has left the cryptocurrency scene as of late, although some currencies are still subject to massive trade swings.

Keeping track of a cryptocurrency portfolio’s value is not all that difficult either. In most cases, it starts out by opening a separate tab on one of the computer screens where a chart is updating in real-time. Some traders and enthusiasts even dedicate a second or third monitor to cryptocurrency price charts to keep tabs on things. While that is not necessarily disturbing, it can affect productivity by quite a margin.

Mobile phones are also a great tool to keep track of a cryptocurrency’s value. Multiple mobile exchange and trading apps exist, all of which have some form of API that can be used as a phone widget. Simply turn on your screen to see the current Bitcoin or altcoin price you are looking for. Once again, it seems innocent at first, but it quickly becomes second nature.

This is how Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder starts to manifest itself. When things like checking a coin’s price are part of your daily routine, it only is a matter of time until the urge to do so becomes overwhelming. Price watching is a disease, as one Reddit user aptly points out. It is difficult to not get swept up in all of the excitement when the candles turn green, or the despair when things head south.

In fact, a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts suffer from Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder, yet fail to recognize it. Being involved in Bitcoin and altcoins involves checking prices, which only seems natural to us. However, in some cases, it starts eating at people’s lives, costing them sleep, reducing their productivity, and even affecting their social life. while a large part of our society is always checking their phones, it has become problematic when someone keeps glaring at charts and mumbling to themselves, though.

Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder is just like any other thing people can get excited about, though. Grabbing for a phone, tablet, or any other electronic device to look up specific information or connect to the world has become a daily routine for most of us in this day and age of digitization. We need to find a way to deal with this new type of OCD, though, as it is not a healthy development by any means.

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