What Is NanoMate?

When it comes to cryptocurrency, getting more consumers interested in this form of money is a big challenge. This is why things such as tipbots and airdrops often work quite well. It now seems Nano can be distributed through any messaging service one can think of. This is all made possible by the NanoMate project, which will take this altcoin to the next level if there is enough interest.

The NanoMate Service Gets an Upgrade

People familiar with the Nano ecosystem will have heard of NanoMate before. This service is designed to take Nano to the next level by letting people introduce their friends to this altcoin. More specifically, users can send Nano to anyone else in the world simply by entering an email address. This was already a pretty popular solution which has offered a lot of convenience, but there was still plenty of room for improvement.

It appears NanoMate has received some big improvements, creating a more popular and useful service. More specifically, NanoMate can now be used to distribute Nano to friends and family members through any messaging service. Although email is still supported, it is now possible to send an SMS, WhatsApp message, or Slack notification.

Giving users more options without forcing recipients to switch to a program or solution they’ve never used before simply makes sense, though it remains to be seen which delivery method will be the most successful in the long run.

Users of the NanoMate service will generate an escrow address and a secret redeem link. This link will then be sent to the recipient in whichever way the user deems fit. Any Nano sent to the generated escrow address can be redeemed by the recipient of the secret redeem link. It is a pretty simple process which should work out quite well, assuming people take the time to get acquainted with what this platform has to offer.

It is evident that services like these will bring more positive attention to Nano as a currency. However, it remains to be seen how NanoMate will evolve with the new features being made available to users. Being able to spread the word about a particular cryptocurrency through popular means of communication certainly opens up a lot of new opportunities, but if recipients don’t claim their redeem links, there is no real purpose to this service.

For the Nano community, the revamped NanoMate service is certainly another notch in its belt. It is good to see community members come up with innovative ways of spreading the word about this particular cryptocurrency. Whether or not we will see similar ventures associated with other currencies is very difficult to predict.