What Is Horizon State Cryptocurrency?

As blockchain-based digital innovation continues to flourish globally, existing models for collaborative decision-making are slowly becoming obsolete. Democracy as a whole is being questioned since public trust in the system has been eroding for some time now.

Horizon State is an all-new blockchain-based voting platform. It makes use of a native token to facilitate decision-making protocols as well as trust mechanisms that ensure fair and just outcomes. Since the core AI is entirely decentralized, Horizon State is able to deliver trustworthy attributes for voting procedures.

This platform deploys “digital ballot boxes” that are transparent yet secure. Each and every voter is registered within the system, and their activities can be clearly viewed by authorized participants, thereby allowing for clean and unbiased voting.

In terms of its structural framework, Horizon State makes use of three core components, namely:

  • A safe voting protocol
  • An electoral stage which can be used by prospective candidates to disseminate and spread their core ideas and agendas
  • An analytical toolset that is designed to break down voting and check on the overall efficacy of each candidate’s public influence

Using the aforementioned technology, this system has the potential to be implemented and used not only for electoral purposes, but also to administer business operations for various companies, organizations and other conglomerates.


  • Horizon State makes use of a digital ballot system that is based entirely within the blockchain.
  • The system maintains the anonymity of all voters.
  • Results and outcomes are not only faster, but also much cheaper and more efficient.
  • It can be adopted freely by organizations of all sizes without having to change their existing digital infrastructures.
  • The platform is user friendly and does not require extensive technical knowledge pertaining to the blockchain.

Key Features

Horizon State makes use of a foundational ledger that is unforgeable. All results are recorded immutably so as to ensure completely fair outcomes. In addition, the vote casting mechanism is highly efficient and does not take up too much of one’s personal time.

Overview of features delivered by Horizon State

The platform employs native Decision Tokens (HST) for running all internal voting processes. Horizon State is also in the process of creating an all-new engagement and deliberation platform meant to increase voter engagement and opinion solicitation.

This platform can be accessed not only via computers but also through smartphones and other handheld devices. Some of the other core technologies that have been incorporated into this system include:

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • User-friendly AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • VUI (Voice User Interface)

Visual representation of the platform interface

Through the use of these services, Horizon State is able to foster an immersive experience around the decision-making process.

How Horizon State works

Users who are eligible to vote in a particular democratic process have the option to cast their votes directly via the platform. These votes are recorded onto the Ethereum public blockchain, and there is a small processing fee that is paid to the developers for conducting verification checks for each participant.


An overview of how the system works

Also, each vote is sent directly to a specific campaign ID, without any identifiable data being involved in the transaction. This basically means that the system does not carry any details about its participants, thereby boosting user privacy.

The interface is highly visual and requires no knowledge or understanding of the blockchain in order for users to participate. For added accessibility, there is also a mobile app that can be used to streamline the entire process.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that different organizations will be given permission to use their own filter mechanisms to identify eligible voters. For example, matters pertaining to national politics will require authorities to check user backgrounds against the official electoral roll. Similarly, for small-scale elections, eligibility criteria can be defined by the granting of access to specific individuals or common domains.

About the company

Horizon State’s core dev and admin team consists largely of professionals who hail from various domains including IT consultancy, blockchain dev, and foresight strategy.

Jamie Skella is the founder and chief executive of the entire operation. He is also the person responsible for creating MiVote, the world’s first blockchain voting MVP. Jamie has previously served as a director at Tatts Group as well as the Australian Football League.  

Dan Crane is the financial head of Horizon State. Dan has previously worked as the chief online officer for an Australian Stock Exchange top 100 company. On his LinkedIn page, he describes himself as a “crypto asset researcher, investor and ICO advisor”.

Lastly, Nimo Naamani is one of the main technological brains behind this project. Nimo is the former chief technology officer at iPayroll and has been in the software development domain for over 20 years.

Token Performance History

The Horizon State platform makes use of a native currency called Decision Token (HST) to execute all internal transactions. Since HST has only been on the market since last November, it is difficult to assess its future investment potential.

HST token lifetime performance chart (courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

Upon its introduction, the price of a single token was around US$0.29. However, during the crypto boom of last December and January, the price of a single coin scaled up to an impressive US$5.50.

What’s even more noteworthy is that the value of HST has remained quite steady since the start of this February, and the price of a single coin currently stands at US$0.886.

Final Thoughts

With unfair voting and biased elections being reported all across the globe, Horizon State is offering the public a highly useful platform that can reinvigorate the democratic process.

Owing to its simplicity and overall usability, it will be interesting to see how Horizon State fares this year. With its native token (HST) doing fairly well on the market, this may actually be the year when this technology takes off and enters the mainstream.

If you would like to start investing in Horizon State, HST token pairs are currently being traded on online exchange platforms such as Kucoin, Cryptopia and Livecoin.