What Is Happening With The 60,000 Bitcoin-for-BCU-token Trade?

There has been a strong focus on an impending bitcoin deal expected to take place on the Bitcointalk forum. A user by the name of Loaded offered a 1:1 trade to Roger Ver, effectively exchanging Roger’s bitcoin for Loaded’s BCU tokens. So far, the deal has not materialized yet, as the communication between both parties has apparently broken down.

Major BTC-BCU Trade Hits A Snag

The bitcoin world was in for a big surprise when this thread appeared on Bitcointalk last month. Loaded offered a one-to-one trade to Roger Ver to determine whether or not BCU tokens will be as valuable as BTC at some point in the future. Keeping in mind how Bitfinex’ Chain Slit tokens seem to indicate BCU will have a much lower value compared to bitcoin, it is quite an interesting proposal, to say the least.

Roger Ver was rather quick to agree to the deal, although it would take a few days to finalize. One doesn’t simply trade at least 60,000 bitcoin for BCU tokens without going through the proper motions and ensuring both parties will stick to the terms of the agreement. Once Roger made this comment, a lot of people have been keeping a close eye on whether or not this deal would effectively materialize.

Fast forward to today, and it is evident the deal has not been completed yet. It appears there is a breakdown in communication between both parties. According to one of Roger’s previous replies on Bitcointalk, he has sent all of the necessary information to make the deal official to Loaded through a private message. However, he has not heard back from Loaded ever since that happened, which make sit impossible to conclude this historic trade anytime soon.

In fact, the final message from Loaded in this particular topic dates back to March 24tth, where he stated how he would “be on vacation with spotty internet until Monday”. That “Monday” in question theoretically refers to march 26th of 2017, although it could equally refer to April 2nd. The message is a bit vague in this regard.  Assuming it refers to March 26th, the question becomes why Loaded has not checked the Bitcointalk forums ever since. After all, he seemed rather keen to complete this deal in the first place.

The same offer also appeared as a thread on Reddit, where Loaded posts under the name of “btc_broker”. However, it appears he has not replied in that thread either. It is unclear as to what is going on and why there is no two-way communication between both parties for the time being. We do know the deal has not been completed yet and it seems unlikely that the situation will change anytime soon. That is, unless Loaded/btc_broker provides the rest of the world with an update.

In the end, there are still quite a few people who are curious about whether or not this offer was genuine, to begin with. It is evident Roger Ver wants to go ahead with the deal, as he responded to this “challenge”.It is now up to Loaded/btc_broker to provide an update on whether or not this deal will even go through in the first place.

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