What Is Genesis Vision?

Financial markets are undergoing a lot of innovation as we speak, and it is evident blockchain technology is of great interest. Genesis Vision is working on bridging the gap between both of these industries. Its main focus is on providing a blockchain-based platform for the private trust management market.  

What is Genesis Vision Exactly?

From glancing over its website, it becomes apparent that Genesis Vision is a rather interesting venture. It combines exchanges, investors, traders, and brokers in a decentralized and honest network. This will help make financial markets more globally appealing and accessible, a change everyone will appreciate for different reasons. Moreover, it seems this project is completely certified, which will make it a lot more appealing to industry experts.

How Does it all Work?

It sounds rather far-fetched to expect a team to bring brokers, traders, and exchanges together in a positive manner. While everyone in this industry can benefit from a more global approach to financial markets, providing it in a decentralized manner will not be all that easy. Genesis Vision will build a brand-new interface which appeals to investors, managers, and brokers alike. It will use both blockchain technology and smart contracts. 

When Genesis Vision comes to market, it will become possible for users to build their own personalized investment strategies. That is something a lot of people will benefit from. It will be equally possible to select a specific strategy offered by brokers and investors through this platform. A fair few of these strategies will be AI-based, which means they should become more efficient over time.

Additionally, users will no longer be tied to specific brokers for extended periods of time, which is another welcome change. Each manager will have his or her own “currency” which can be bought by people who are looking to invest in specific strategies. As each manager’s strategies prove to be successful, the amount of tokens issued to them will increase. It is a very different take on traditional investing, but it will certainly find its market in the future.

The GVT Token Explained

It is evident Genesis Vision was built with its own token in mind, which goes by the name of GVT. Users will have a need for this token if they wish to partake in any investment operations and profit distributions. It is expected that the demand for GVT will increase over time as the active client base increases. The number of GVT tokens will be limited until the demand for this token increases.

The Road Ahead

There is still plenty of work to be done before Genesis Vision enters the global market. For the time being, its team is working on rolling out the alpha version of their blockchain platform. Integration with MetaTrader 3 and 4 is also underway. An alpha version of the client application will occur later this year, although no specific details have been presented at this time. In 2019, the “official” release of Genesis Vision’s blockchain platform should occur, by which time stock exchange integration will have been completed.