What Is EatBCH?

The current financial situation in Venezuela is not looking all that great. International relief efforts are direly needed as we speak. EatBCH is a new cryptocurrency-oriented venture trying to feed Venezuelans by collecting Bitcoin Cash donations. So far, the venture seems to have been quite successful, but more help is always welcome.

EatBCH Makes a Positive Impact

No one denies Venezuela is in a bad place right now. The country’s citizens are struggling to make ends meet, the nation’s currency is worth less than the paper it’s printed on, and there is no solution in place. Additionally, there is a lot of opposition regarding the country’s Petro cryptocurrency, as it remains unclear how successful that venture will be in the long run. Therefore, international help is direly needed, yet no one wants to violate the sanctions imposed against this country either.

Consequently, we’ve seen some Venezuelans band together and reach out to cryptocurrency users around the world. More specifically, the group hopes to get some support from Bitcoin Cash community members. EatBCH, as this venture is known, aims to collect donations to help feed those who simply can no longer pay for food themselves. It is a very noble effort, and it showcases the worrying situation in this country.

Information regarding EatBCH is mainly spreading through Reddit and Twitter, where it seems to have really taken off. With the donations raised, the EatBCH team has bought hot meals and delivered them to those in need. Such a venture cannot span the entire country from day one, yet it shows how cryptocurrencies can do a lot of good in the world. More importantly, by using cryptocurrency, no one violates the embargoes enforced upon Venezuela. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Various pictures of the EatBCH effort have surfaced on Twitter, indicating this initiative is not about scamming people or using others’ misfortune for personal gain. With one Meetup occurring every single week, we can clearly see this effort is making a positive impact in Venezuela as of right now. More and more people are turning up because they are hungry. While receiving bags of food is far from ideal, it’s preferable to starving.

Even though the EatBCH effort seems to have made a positive impact so far, it is still just a drop in the bucket. Virtually everyone in Venezuela is struggling, and there is only so much the EatBCH team can do at this point. It does put a positive spotlight on the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency, as its community seems more than willing to contribute to this cause. It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds in the future.

Anyone looking to contribute to the EatBCH cause can do so using the Tippr Reddit bot or sending them a donation through Twitter. The address has received over US$2,400 worth of donations so far, but there is still a lot more money needed to make this a successful venture in most of Venezuela. The largest donation to date was for nearly US$650, which shows there are a lot of generous individuals in the BCH community right now.