What Is Digi-ID?

Digibyte’s developers have been working diligently on their Digi-ID solution for some time now. With this functionality finally being rolled out in an official capacity, the community seems rather excited about what the future holds. Now is a good time to recap what Digi-ID is exactly and how it may make an impact.

The Concept Behind Digi-ID

As the name somewhat suggests, Digi-ID is a digital identification protocol allowing users to access their accounts on various platforms through one single authentication method. The code was developed in such a way that it can be embedded on a website with relative ease, which should improve overall adoption of this technology down the line. It is a pretty interesting solution, especially because it will always be free to use and there are no advertisements to contend with.

The Features of Digi-ID

Under the hood of Digi-ID, there are some interesting developments to take note of. This entire solution is backed by blockchain-based cryptography. Since blockchain technology can be used for many different purposes, it seems authentication models can benefit from this technology as well. Thanks to its underpinning mathematics, encryption, and overall transparency, Digi-ID will be an interesting example of how this technology can be used in a positive manner.

Additionally, Digi-ID is resistant to cyber threats. That is an interesting feature when it comes to providing solutions dealing with user information and authentication. More often than not, data management platforms fall victim to cyber attacks sooner or later. Digi-ID wants users to be totally safe, rather than rely on a username, password, or SMS authentication.

Digi-ID generates a unique QR code which can then be scanned by a user through a Digi-ID capable website or the Digibyte wallet. Authentication is done by entering a PIN or using a fingerprint. Once verified, the cryptographically-signed request is sent back to the website or application to let the user log in. It’s a very simple process which could shake up the world of authentication systems.

Who Will Use This Solution?

That is always the big question when it comes to projects such as Digi-ID. While it certainly has a lot of potential on paper, the biggest challenge will be convincing people, websites, and companies to use this authentication method moving forward. It is certainly a valid example of how blockchain technology can be used in a secure environment, but only time will tell how the world responds to Digi-ID.