What Is DeepBrain Chain?

There is no shortage of innovation in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Some companies take things to a whole new level by integrating innovative technologies. DeepBrain Chain is doing exactly that, as it combines artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to build an entirely new computing platform.

An Overview of DeepBrain Chain

Computing platforms are anything but cheap or easily accessible these days. Especially when it comes to scalable solutions, there is a lot of progress to be made. DeepBrain Chain thinks they can make a big impact in this regard by providing a low-cost and flexible decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform. This new solution is mainly designed for AI products and services, as it seems that particular industry is firing on all cylinders as of right now.

How Does it Work?

By leveraging blockchain technology, DeepBrain Chain aims to offer a decentralized and private AI computing platform. The company also provides peripheral products. With a strong focus on building a decentralized neural network and secure data trading, the company certainly has embarked on an interesting mission so far. Explicitly separating data ownership and data usage through blockchain technology is one of the top priorities for this team.

Because of this project’s focus, smart contract technology is an absolute must. Artificial intelligence is designed to help automate certain projects and tasks, which requires additional technology to facilitate this degree of automation. In the blockchain world, smart contracts are the way to go in this regard. All of the computing resources needed for this AI neural network are provided through nodes located around the world. In exchange for these resources, node operators will receive DeepBrain Coin, also known as DBC.

Even if computational demand were to peak, the DeepBrain Chain should be able to deal with such fluctuations. Idle nodes will be switched on whenever the demand outweighs currently-shared computing resources. This means users who run nodes can decide to opt out of specific projects at first, yet contribute to them later on if needed. It’s an interesting business model which opens up a lot of opportunities for people willing to supply computing resources.

The DeepBrain Coin Explained

There are multiple benefits to using the DeepBrain Coin as part of this ecosystem. It is the currency with which AI companies and developers may “buy” computing power, and the tokens are distributed to node owners in exchange for supplying these resources. Keeping in mind that over 100 corporate clients and 200,000 users make use of the DeepBrain Chain already, it is to be expected that the demand for computing power will only increase as time progresses.

The Road Ahead for DeepBrain Chain

It is worth noting that this project has been in development for quite some time now, and there is still a lot of work to be done. The AI testnet is still under development, and users will be able to start submitting AI training requests soon. Later this year, we will see the finalization of the testnet, alpha and beta tests of the reward system conducted, and cooperation with a well-known university or organization in the world of blockchain or AI. The mining and reward system should be ready for use later this year, although timelines are always subject to change.