What Is DAEX Cryptocurrency?

Crypto market analysts estimate that until the third quarter of 2017, investment returns on cryptocurrencies were as high as 448%. This figure far exceeds investment returns from other assets like conventional market stocks, gold, and even real estate. Additionally, there are nearly 60 alt-assets that boast average daily trading volumes of $10 million each.

DAEX is an all-new blockchain-based clearing service that has been built using distributed ledger technology. Owing to its use of a decentralized ledger, DAEX is able to guarantee that all internal trades are facilitated correctly and that all accounts are safely cleared and settled.

All trader assets within DAEX are kept in their own accounts and are recorded immutably on the blockchain. To ensure a high degree of safety, the ecosystem is designed in such a way that no one else can access a user’s assets without their permission. As a result, most trader-based risks associated with existing centralized exchanges are eliminated.

Lastly, the DAEX platform is entirely open-source based and has been established on a public blockchain. This means that its intrinsic program code is open for public inspection, supervision, and scrutiny.

Overview of the platform

  • DAEX is a cryptocurrency clearing service built upon distributed ledger technology.
  • The platform makes use of a Clearing as a Service (CaaS) model to provide clearing services to cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The DAEX Wallet supports multiple signatures as well as a host of unique digital currency assets.
  • DAEX is designed to access multiple crypto exchanges, facilitating virtual currency trading in a seamless manner.
  • The clearing facility has been deployed within a public cloud. Exchanges and participating members can obtain clearing-related services via specialized APIs or clients.

Key Features

First and foremost, the DAEX ecosystem ensures that all participating exchanges adhere to business and technology requirements set forth by the developers of this platform. Consequently, a high level of trading quality is maintained at all times. Since all of a user’s assets are held on the blockchain, they cannot be moved or altered in any way without possessing pertinent authorizations.

Overview of the DAEX ecosystem

In the interest of customer safety, the DAEX ecosystem employs a private key as well as a recovery mechanism in case a customer loses his or her security clearance (i.e., access key).

Another important aspect of this platform is its use of smart contracts. They guarantee the correctness of clearing and asset settlement, as well as remove the need for trust between trading and clearing entities. The insurance fund contributed by participating exchanges also provides another layer of safety.

Lastly, DAEX is open to new asset trading platforms, and all of the participating exchanges are given permission to make use of the products and services that have been made available by the developers of DAEX. Not only that, participating exchanges are also allowed to make use of more value-added services that have been envisioned by the company in their roadmap—including cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

How it works

As is clear by now, the DAEX platform has been devised as a clearing service that is based on a unique technology that involves:

  • Distributed ledger technology
  • Centralized exchanges
  • User wallets

Visual representation of how the system works

Customers can make use of their wallets to perform trades via various online exchanges, and after the trades are matched, these platforms automatically send the matched trades to the relevant clearing service.

It is also worth noting that the employed CaaS module is executed exclusively through the use of smart contracts as well as distributed ledger technology. During the initial phase of DAEX, cryptocurrencies will be serviced, but as time progresses, the company aims to also service crypto derivatives.

Transaction mechanism employed by DAEX

Here are some other key functional aspects of DAEX:

  • DAEX automatically lists new clearing products so that participating exchanges can perform their trade activities in a seamless, hassle-free manner.
  • The native DAEX wallet simplifies the trading of new cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges.
  • Using this platform, trading services can significantly expedite their product listing work and hence become more competitive within this rapidly growing industry.
  • DAEX makes use of a token-reward mechanism for its users, thereby attracting more customers as well as generating more trades.
  • The separation of trading and clearing activities helps exchanges focus more on their core competencies, thus maintaining their competitive advantages over similar services.

About the team

Benjamin Gu is the founder of this project. According to his professional bio, he possesses extensive management and professional experience within the Chinese and US financial markets. In addition, Benjamin previously worked as the associate CIO of Hua Tai Lian He Securities Corporation and has also served as the COO of several other financial services companies.  

Hana Zhang is the co-founder of this project. She is an active investor in various cryptocurrencies and was also an initial member of IDEL (International Digital Economic League). Hana is a graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and has previously worked at companies such as A.T. Kearney, Dun & Bradstreet, and Euromonitor International as a strategic consultant.

Lastly, Jason Tang is the chief architect for DAEX. According to his LinkedIn profile, Jason has worked as a product manager for China Zheshang Bank and has also been associated with a host of blockchain projects related to commercial banks in China. He has two patents to his name and also holds a master’s degree in software engineering from Zhejiang University.

Token Performance Analysis

Since being introduced into the market over ten days back, the price of a single DAX token has remained relatively stable.


DAX token lifetime performance (courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

While initially trading at $0.17, the currency experienced a massive value dip on the 7th of May, when the price of a single token fell to $0.14.

Since then, DAX has recovered substantially, and as of May 11, the currency is valued at $0.166.     

Final Thoughts

DAEX provides the market with a clearing solution for centralized cryptocurrency exchanges that is based on distributed ledger technology. The clearing process is automated and cannot be interfered with by external, third-party actors.

Owing to its plethora of unique features, DAEX possesses good market value and can thus be expected to thrive within the blossoming crypto domain.

If you would like to start investing in DAEX, DAX trading pairs are currently available on LBank, Allcoin, and BCEX.