What Is Cerebrum?

Plenty of society’s daily operations could potentially be decentralized now or in the future. Although this concept is still considered to be a niche market, some innovative projects are laying the foundation for a better and more decentralized future. One of those projects goes by the name of Cerebrum, and it focuses on crowd-sourced machine learning. Combining machine learning with a decentralized platform will certainly yield some interesting results.

Cerebrum is a Decentralized World Brain

Machine learning has made a lot of inroads in the technology sector as of late. Especially in the world of artificial intelligence, opportunities are plentiful right now. However, most of the research to date revolves around proprietary systems and concepts which are not accessible to the average person on the street. That is only to be expected, as machine learning has yet to be successfully commercialized. Whoever is first to market will make a ton of money in the process.

Cerebrum may prove to be an interesting creature in this regard. Rather than building a centralized platform, its team is taking a decentralized approach. That in itself is rather interesting, as few projects are thinking along those lines right now. Cerebrum aims to become the “World’s Brain” by focusing on crowd-sourced machine learning. Building the world’s first decentralized platform for crowd-sourced machine learning will not be an easy feat. Additionally, Cerebrum seeks to enable prediction modeling on encrypted data.

Everyone can see that this project has no lack of ambition whatsoever. Allowing everyone in the world to properly encrypt data is an interesting concept. Then again, one has to wonder how many people will show an actual interest in doing so. Most consumers nowadays aren’t too bothered when it comes to taking security precautions to keep data out of the wrong hands. This situation will not be changed overnight either, although a decentralized platform capable of encryption may help move things along accordingly.

Moreover, Cerebrum will host machine learning competitions to utilize the collective intelligence of models created by the community itself. The company is inviting consumers and machine learning experts to weigh in on these matters and create better solutions for everyone’s benefit. All of this will be done without sacrificing data privacy, which is something a lot of people will thoroughly appreciate. Plus, the competitions on open data sets will allow for the collection of a library comprised of the most “optimal intelligent agents”.

It has to be said that the idea of a customizable intelligent agent sounds rather appealing. Everyone has problems they may not be able to answer or solve themselves. Having such a tool at one’s disposal could prove to be very efficient in this regard. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two very powerful technological trends which shouldn’t be dismissed or ignored. Although not everyone on the planet is looking for an AI solution, it is time this idea became more approachable and understood by average people.

Last but not least, Cerebrum is designed to become an open source project in the coming days. That in itself is pretty impressive, even though it does appear there will be a token sale associated with the concept. No details regarding this ICO have been unveiled to date, though. The project’s roadmap includes some interesting concepts, including a Simple Mind alpha scheduled for Q1 of 2018. Plenty of good things are on the agenda for this project, assuming the team can fulfill its vision and deliver on its initial promises.