What Is Caspian?

A lot of innovative products are coming to market in the cryptocurrency industry right now. Caspian is one of those ventures which aims to provide users with a new crypto asset management solution. It is evident this new project is mainly tailored to institutional investors, and it will open up a lot of interesting opportunities in the very near future.

The Caspian Project Explained

With so many new people entering the cryptocurrency ecosystem as of late, solutions to manage one’s assets are in pretty high demand. Caspian wants to institutionalize crypto asset management by offering a full stack solution. All of its features can be accessed through a single interface, and it can seemingly hook into all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some of the Interesting Features

There are a few aspects of Caspian which make it unique. With this complete suite of sophisticated trading algorithms, PMS, RMS, and OEMS solutions, and real-time exposure tracking, Caspian is certainly one of the more advanced asset management solutions to keep an eye on. The single interface ensures everything is accessible in a standardized way across all exchanges, which can only be considered a good thing.

One of the topics which come to mind is security. It seems Caspian will tackle this by using robust crypto asset security protocols put in place by an experienced team of blockchain developers. Moreover, the project offers 24/7 customer support, which is something we rarely see in the world of crypto asset management solutions right now.

The execution algorithms powering Caspian will offer a sophisticated trading experience for all users. However, users will also be able to create custom alterations for increased personalization. With the project’s API being able to access all major cryptocurrency exchanges, it is evident there is a lot of information to be gathered and sorted in real time. This information includes orders, executions, market data, leverage positions, and so forth. All of this will be tracked by Caspian.

How Much Does it Cost?

In the world of cryptocurrency, institutionalized crypto asset management solutions are usually not cheap. In the case of Caspian, it is a bit unclear what the actual price tag will be. This is not a piece of software which people can download from its website, but it is possible to request a demonstration of the technology. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Caspian, as this project seems to be one of the more advanced management solutions on the cryptocurrency market as of right now.