What Is BTrash?

The cryptocurrency community is home to a lot of creative and unique projects. We have seen some great innovations, transparent Ponzi schemes, and now a crypto-oriented harassment campaign against Bitcoin Cash. Known as BTrash, this new project aims to inform the general public about useless currencies, and more specifically, about Bitcoin Cash. It is evident this project is not to be taken seriously, even though it does send a rather clear message to the rest of the community.

BTrash is A Rather Offensive Project

We can only applaud efforts regarding free speech and informing people about the potentially useless currencies out there. With so many different coins to choose from, there are quite a few currencies in existence which serve no real purpose whatsoever. A lot of them will never amount to much in the future, as there simply isn’t anything that sets them apart from other currencies.

The BTrash project is a mix of good banter and an “attack” against Bitcoin Cash. While it is evident there is a lot of opposition as far as Bitcoin Cash is concerned right now, that doesn’t mean people should go around calling it “trash”. Unlike some other currencies, there are use cases for BCH, with payment service providers integrating this altcoin as a payment method. Moreover, various other companies are showing an interest in Bitcoin Cash as well, which means there is a growing interest in this currency as we speak.

BTrash is a “currency” of sorts, even though it doesn’t have any official wallets. It is possible to “purchase” tokens in exchange for Ethereum, as the project has a dedicated FAQ regarding purchasing BTH with MetaMask. There is no coin sale address filled in, though, indicating this is a project trying to teach people a lesson about cryptocurrency ICOs as well. Not every project claiming to raise money is worth investing in, for obvious reasons.

There is a way to earn BTrash, but it requires a lot of work through social media. More specifically, the assignment is to offer severe criticism of Bitcoin Cash, mainly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Even articles or YouTube videos published to simply bash Bitcoin Cash are fair game. Moreover, users need to mention that Bitcoin Trash is the “real Bitcoin Cash” to be eligible for BTH rewards.

With a total of over 3 million BTH to be awarded for these bounties, it will be interesting to see if people take the team up on its offer. There is a genuine dislike of Bitcoin Cash in the real world, but it’s doubtful many people will go through the trouble of bashing BCH for this “token”. Why anyone would go through the trouble of bashing an established altcoin simply for the fun of it is rather difficult to explain. Then again, people will do some odd things in return for financial rewards these days.

It is evident the BTrash project is quite interesting to some, even though it makes no sense to most of the world right now. Since the project has no real token by the look of things – although it could easily be created on top of Ethereum – the project simply wants Bitcoin Cash to disappear and ensure Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that people care about. Whether or not this venture will prove successful remains to be determined.