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What Is Bitcoin Clashic?

 It is safe to say things are getting out of control in the world of cryptocurrency. Especially when it comes to forking Bitcoin or any of its direct offspring, things have reached a certain level of immaturity. Bitcoin Clashic was first conceived as a joke currency, but it seems there is a lot more to it than most people think. That is what this project’s website wants us to believe, at least.

Do we Even Care About Bitcoin Clashic?

That is perhaps the most obvious question to ask ourselves first and foremost. Given the number of hard forks Bitcoin has seen this year – and their varying degrees of success – it is time to call a spade a spade. Bitcoin Clashic wants to make use of Bitcoin’s name and hopes to create value out of thin air by doing so. It’s an ambitious goal, although it worked out just fine for Bitcoin Cash not long ago. Bitcoin Gold is a very different story, as hardly anyone bothers with this currency right now.

Enter Bitcoin Clashic, another altcoin seemingly willing to take part in the ongoing parade of hard forks. The name itself is incredibly unprofessional, as it is akin to making fun of drunk people who can’t pronounce a double s anymore. Some people have drawn parallels to Sean Connery as well, but that isn’t all that significant in the end. This ridiculous name is also a play on Bitcoin Classic, which was a failed “coup” in the Bitcoin world not that long ago.

As it happens, Bitcoin Clashic is a fork of Bitcoin itself. Some sources indicated it was a fork of Bitcoin Cash, which is not correct.  It’s difficult to make sense of, Bsince Clashic seemingly launched after BCH, but was in development prior to it. Bitcoin Cash had its own hard fork not that long ago – which implemented a new mining difficulty algorithm, among other things – and it was only to be expected there would be other Bitcoin “forks” before the year was over. 

It has to be said, the Bitcoin Clashic website looks about as genuine as one would expect. The name will always be controversial at best; that much is rather evident. There is a mining pool for Bitcoin Clashic, which has no official ticker on exchanges. It is evident the people supporting this particular fork are very serious about ensuring that it survives, although that may be a far bigger challenge than originally assumed.

The TREZOR wallet has native support for this forked currency, as it is pretty much the same codebase as BCH but without the new mining difficulty algorithm. Other digital wallets have yet to announce their support, which shouldn’t be all that surprising. No exchanges have committed to list this altcoin right now, and none may ever do so for all we know. The motives of this fork’s team remain incredibly shady, but Bitcoin Clashic deserves to remain alive just like any other altcoin. There is also an airdrop for Bitcoin holders, which took place at Bitcoin network block 478,558. How people can obtain their balance remains a major mystery for now.

How all of this will play out for Bitcoin Clashic remains to be determined. It is evident there is not much information to go on right now. Until people claim their coins – probably using a TREZOR, for now – and start attributing value to it, this cryptocurrency is nothing to write home about. It is yet another altcoin trying to capitalize on the Bitcoin name. Competition is a good thing, but this is all getting silly pretty quickly.