Whale 0x4a2 Makes A Comeback, Swaps 10B PEPE For 32.73 ETH After 10-Month Hiatus

After a 10-month period of inactivity, the cryptocurrency whale known as 0x4a2 (“dimethyltryptamine.eth”) has returned to the market.

The whale recently swapped 10 billion PEPE tokens, valued at $112,000, for 32.73 ETH at a price of $0.0000112118 per token. This move is notable as 0x4a2 was among the earliest adopters of PEPE, having begun trading the token on April 14, 2023.

Despite this recent transaction, the whale still holds a substantial amount of PEPE, with 1.99 trillion tokens valued at $22.35 million. The estimated total profit from these holdings stands at an impressive $27.08 million, representing a gain of 59,600%.

In addition to PEPE, the whale’s portfolio includes:

– 711.7 million WOJAK tokens worth $712,000, with an unrealized profit of $457,000 (+64.1%)
– 147.5 billion MOG tokens valued at $227,000, with an estimated total profit of $824,000 (+469%)

Whale Withdraws Massive $120 Million Worth Of Assets From Binance Exchange 

In related news, Lookonchain reports that a new wallet has withdrawn over $120 million worth of assets from Binance just two hours ago. The assets include:

– 40.7 million USDT
– 9,425 ETH worth $30.15 million
– 957.77 billion PEPE valued at $9.84 million
– 583.78 billion SHIB worth $9.68 million
– 16,192 BNB valued at $9 million
– 58.15 million DOGE worth $6.95 million
– 438,721 RNDR valued at $3.17 million
– 5.18 million MATIC worth $2.81 million
– 3 million FTM valued at $1.59 million
– 9.49 billion FLOKI worth $1.56 million
– 104,128 LINK valued at $1.5 million
– 840,776 FET worth $1.06 million
– 39,141 AVAX valued at $1.05 million
– 2.76 million GRT worth $556,000

These significant movements in the crypto market highlight the dynamic nature of digital asset trading and the substantial investments being made by key players.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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