Webhallen started accepting Bitcoin

Webhallen started accepting payments in Bitcoin


Webhallen is a swedish company who started accepting bitcoin as payment back in March. Webhallen was purchased by Ecommerce business Komplett around April of 2013 for $23m.

Webhallen is an electronics company that sells anything from video games to SSDs. They are one of the largest electronic resellers in sweden and are worth around $20m.

In an interview with Webhallen they stated that the response from the customers was “overwhelmingly positive”. They said that the company is looking to stay ahead of the curve, atleast according to swedish standards.

They were also asked how the payments with bitcoin were working out. Their reply was that everything is going smoothly except for a small problem that was caused on their end. Such errors are common because bitcoin is a relatively new technology and not many have experience in it. They said that two customers were overcharged a couple dollars but that the problem was fixed and the money was refunded as soon as that happened.

Webahllen also reported an increase in sales. They said that it was nice getting acquainted with new customers and once again it was all going smoothly.

When asked how many users payed with bitcoin they replied that it was the equivalent of one of their physical stores. That is an impressive amount considering they only started accepting bitcoin 3 months ago. Imagine how much more work it would have taken them if they actually opened a new physical store. Other companies should learn from Webhallen and use their data to make a better decision about bitcoin.

Webhallen was also considering the possibility of accepting other cryptocurrencies such as litecoin, dogecoin, or vertcoin. They said that litecoin would be next on the list if the payment in alternative currencies can be arranged.

Its a big step towards merchant adoption as now we are seeing more multi million dollar companies’ positive reaction to bitcoin. We have seen alot of funding for bitcoin startups and now we see further merchant adoption. Webhallen accepting bitoin is a step in the right direction, to the moon!

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