Washington’s Chelan County Officials Crack Down on Unauthorized Bitcoin Mining Operations

Cryptocurrency mining has attracted a lot of attention over the years. For a lot of people, it is still a profitable business venture, even though one has to have access to cheap electricity first and foremost. Officials in Washington’s Chelan County are cracking down on unauthorized Bitcoin mining activity in the area.

Unauthorized Bitcoin Mining is a Problem

It is safe to say people are looking for different ways to make money with cryptocurrencies. As of right now, the concept of mining Bitcoin or specific altcoins is still quite appealing to a lot of people. At the same time, there are some miners who do this without authorization, causing conflict in the long run.

In Washington’s Chelan County, things are slowly getting out of hand. Local officials are cracking down on any unauthorized Bitcoin mining activities in the county as of right now. They are doing so in a thorough manner, as violators will face fees and penalties along with the possibility of being disconnected from the power grid altogether. Enforcing these rules may prove to be rather challenging, though.

With county officials growing increasingly concerned over unauthorized mining activity, it is only normal that this action is being taken. How it will play out for cryptocurrency miners in the area remains to be determined. Sending a strong message to anyone attempting to mine cryptocurrency without authorization is the only right course of action, according to officials.

It seems some of the unauthorized mining operations in Chelan County were discovered last week. Three separate operations have been shut down as a result, mainly because all of these operations used sufficient power to create fire risks and overload the power grid infrastructure in those places. Although most people might not be too worried about these risks, the county’s officials certainly are keeping tabs on things.

Chelan County’s PUD commissioner Garry Arseneault commented as follows:

What we’re discussing is a person who is purposely trying to slip around the end and use power in a way that a facility was not designed for and doing so in a manner where there’s been no request for service to meet that kind of demand. I see yet, once again, a reason to support the installation of automated meters to be able to confront these scoundrels before they do burn an apartment building down and perhaps kill a family or children in the process.

The power consumption of Bitcoin mining operations has always been of great concern to officials around the world. Even though a lot of the research on this matter is based on speculation, it is evident some operations can pose a significant risk to the power grid. It will be interesting to see how the situation in Chelan County evolves.