Vontobel Introduces Bitcoin Certificate To Swiss Traders

Albeit not everyone is overly enthusiastic about ETFs or tracker certificates issued on the bitcoin protocol, they are an excellent way to advertise the benefit of cryptocurrency. Vontobel, a Swiss bank, issued their new tracker certificate on Bitcoin. People who expect the Bitcoin value to go up should take a close look at this offering.

Vontobel Embraces Bitcoin For Trading Purposes

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One could say the Vontobel certificate on Bitcoin is very similar to an ETF. Investors will have easy access to the Bitcoin market, without going through an exchange or additional verification process. While they will not hold Bitcoin directly, this is an excellent way to get involved in cryptocurrency through traditional means.

It is the first time such a trading instrument is accessible on the Swiss exchange market, though. As one would come to expect from this initiative, the certificate had to go through a thorough verification process by the Swiss Exchange. This new certificate will become available for public trading on July 15, 2016, and is valid for two years.

During this two-year period, Swiss exchange traders can buy or sell the Vontobel Bitcoin certificate as they please. Do keep in mind this investment vehicle is linked to the Bitcoin price in US Dollar, rather than Euro or any other fiat currency. This launch also goes to show Vontobel is forward-thinking when it comes to financial instruments.

It is not the first time Bitcoin is used in the traditional stock markets and exchange world. Several Bitcoin ETFs are available for trade as we speak, all of which seem to garner great interest from investors as time progresses. Whether or not the Vontobel offering will bring more positive attention to Bitcoin, remains to be seen, though.

Giving investors easier access to the Bitcoin ecosystem is a positive trend. A lot of traders would like to poke around in the cryptocurrency world, yet decide not to do so due to lack of convenience. ETFs and exchange-based certificates provide a more than welcome alternative to this process.

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