Viuly Hits Landmark Achievement By Bringing On 1 Million Users

Viuly Sees Triple Digit Growth In User Growth, Channels, and Video Content

The Estonian based decentralized video sharing platform Viuly is proud to announce staggering growth in the last few months when this week it finally reached its target of 1 million users. Most of this growth occurred in the last three months, with 700,000 users that signed on during this timeframe.

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In addition to achieving this milestone, Viuly has also seen the number of channels on the platform more than double, from 30,000 to now over 70,000. This also means the amount of video content available is on the rise as well, over 260,000 videos are now on the platform.

Compared to 90,000 just three months ago, this marks an over 3x increase. All this growth leads to a positive cycle, which can be seen by the daily 250,000 visitors to the video sharing platform.

With the possibility for the first time in history for viewers to get paid to watch content, Viuly looks to restructure the way video platforms today distribute revenue. While platforms like YouTube take the lion’s share of revenue from content creators, Viuly gets rid of fees when it comes to uploading content or managing their channel.

Viuly positioned in a multi billion dollar industry

With the online video-sharing industry now worth billions, Viuly is looking to tackle a platform that virtually every internet-connected user has come across. 80% of internet traffic by 2020 is expected to come from video. Viewers will be attracted to the platform by the ability to earn tokens by watching content, which increases engagement rates. This, in turn, will attract advertisers looking to maximize return on their marketing budget.

Cost effective advertising one of Viuly’s main attractions

Costs for marketing video ads, while more effective than traditional methods of advertising according to case studies by Google, are still made more expensive compared to Viuly by intermediaries (like the platform) as well as fraud which increases the cost of a real view. With Google expecting an increase of video marketing budgets by 6x, any cost savings advertisers can get will be extremely attractive.

This means more revenue for both the creator and viewer in the form of the platforms native currency, the VIU token. The token can be traded on an exchange for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or be used to purchase advertising packages.  A portion of proceeds from the advertising packages flows back into the Viuly community, further helping the community grow larger.

The decentralized nature of the platform improves resilience to censorship, as well as increases reliability due to the lack of a central point of failure. As the platform scales, having multiple servers scattered will help with the consistency of the experience as traffic increases to the platform.

Viuly has already received a backing of 150,000 EUR from the blockchain investing firm Krypton Capital. Viuly looks to embody Krypto Capitals “smart money” philosophy, establishing ecosystems of related companies to further grow revenues.

Viuly has a fully established online presence. For those looking to chat with Viuly team members and community, they are available on Facebook, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, and Telegram. Blog posts are posted on Medium, and those interested in trading VIU can do so on Bit-Z as well as Etherdelta.