Visa Research Job Opening Hints At Future Blockchain Solutions

Many established financial players are exploring the boundaries and possibilities of distributed ledger technology these days. Visa, the world’s leading credit card issuer, is on that list as well, as a recent job opening on their website hints as at a new project revolving around scalable blockchain-based solutions. Expanding technology research capabilities is of major importance to institutions like Visa Research, which creates additional jobs to boot.

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Visa Research And Future Payments

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Distributed ledger technology can offer many benefits to the financial ecosystem, and Visa acknowledges this fact by dedicating part of their Visa Research task force to exploring the options. In fact, they have listed a new job opening for a Senior Staff Software Engineer, who will be joining the Visa Research team and explore blockchain technology integration options.

Part of the job is working with passionate like-minded people, all of whom want to bring innovation to the financial sector. Emerging payment concepts, such as blockchain technology and distributed ledgers, are of particular interest when it comes to easy to use and compelling solutions to consumers all over the world.

The first stage comes in the form of developing new proofs of concepts, before merging blockchain technology with existing financial solutions. Collaboration is a primary factor in this regard, as the new Senior Staff Software Engineer will work together with the Visa Research team to achieve this goal.

Research and development in the blockchain sector will take up most of the day-to-day tasks, although Visa Research will be focusing on other attributes as well. QR codes, for example, have been synonymous with digital currency payments for many years now, and Visa will be exploring how they can integrate this technology into their offerings.

Even digital currency itself is on the list of topics to explore for Visa Research, which could hint at the issuance of new digital currencies in the future. Don’t expect Bitcoin integration anytime soon, though, albeit it is not outside of the realm of possibilities either. FinTech is a driving factor in the payments industry, and Bitcoin is a big part of financial technology innovation.

It is positive to see Visa exploring the options outside of the realm of traditional finance. Blockchain technology has all of the right cards to play a significant role in the future of payments around the world. Considering how Visa is openly showing their interest in blockchain technology, the future is looking bright for digital currency and FinTech.

Source: Visa

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