VirtualATM Changes The Way Engineers Test Teller Machines

Running an ATM of any kind can be an expensive business model. Especially when it comes to testing and innovation, the required environment sees costs adding up rather quickly. But if it were up to Paragon, that situation will be coming to a change very soon, thanks to their VirtualATM simulator.

A Virtual ATM Test Environment To Reduce Costs

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What makes this new concept by Paragon so interesting is how their customers can complete their testing process from anywhere in the world. Not only will this save time, money, and manpower, but it would also allow for full-fledged software testing without requiring hardware deployment.

What VirtualATM does is simulate ATM hardware components, and it can generate error conditions that would not be generated in a real-life environment per se. Moreover, the software solution can submit thousands of transaction types, something that would not be possible in a regular testing environment. This tool can be incredibly valuable to engineers and developers active in the world of [Bitcoin] ATMs.

Paragon CEO Jim Perry told the media:

“In recent years, the interconnectivity of payments systems, channels and institutions has significantly increased operational risk, and the sheer volume of payments indicates that the corresponding risk is higher than in previous years. ATM systems have grown too complex and change far too quickly for any organization to jeopardize deployment without frequent, end-to-end testing. VirtualATM meets this need for a powerful, next generation, automated testing strategy that quickly, effectively and repeatedly tests an unprecedented number of scenarios.”

As one would come to expect from such a versatile solution, VirtualATm will support both magnetic and EMV chip card transactions. Additionally, it becomes a lot more convenient to test various endpoints, and most of the processes can be automated at the same time. Keeping in mind how human testers can complete five different transaction types per hour, VirtualATM has a significant competitive edge without requiring manpower.

To put this into perspective, VirtualATM can complete 60 tests-  or more – in the same one-hour time period. Moreover, the solution can generate a lot of different results, depending on transaction type query. Scalability is becoming a buzzword, but it is also one of the most interesting topics in the technology world today.

Source: Finextra

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