Virtual Bitcoin Expo 2015

Imagine a world where people will be able to attend conferences, interact with the local players in their industry and be involved in workshops without booking long distance flights and without even being physically present there. Thanks to the advancements in technologies like the Internet and Bitcoin, this imaginary world is now turning into reality. For the first time in history, Virtual Bitcoin Expo is going to be the first truly global and truly decentralized event where anyone with an access to the Internet can be participate in this historic moment. Wait, the awesomeness just doesn’t stop there – it’s also free! There is no cost or hefty ticket prices to attend this once in a life time event.


The event takes place online on March 1, 2015 and holds no barrier for entry for anyone. The organizers of Virtual Bitcoin Expo has created an online intuitive platform for participants to interact with each other through live video chat. The concept of experiencing virtual reality is not groundbreaking. Ever since the rise of popularity of Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), the idea of virtual experience has already affected millions of online gamers around the world. The virtual expo aims to function just like a simple MMORPG game where they would be different activities to make the experience enjoyable for the virtual attendees.

Lucano, co-founder of Bitcoin World explains:

“This expo embodies the virtual, global and public philosophy of cryptocurrency. It is time that all the valuable information that is presented at an expo be free and easily accessible for everyone. Events of this type, which attract more and more people, are the ones that manage to integrate the community and make it stronger.”

On their panel list, they have confirmed the attendance of prominent speakers like Roger Ver, Chistrian Ander, Matthew Roszak among others who will be discussing a wide array of topics – from the history of cryptocurrency to what the future of Bitcoin holds. The entire schedule of the exhibition still needs to be completed and updated. We’ll follow the details of the event as we reach close to the event date./

According to the actual website, there are quite a few reasons to attend which I am mostly in accordance with:

  • You can build new business relations:  One of the main reasons why I will attend
  • The platform allows measuring the effectiveness of advertising, website’s traffic and brand’s positioning
  • Users will be able to interact with each other and enlarge their activity in their own social networks
  • 3D stands make of this a unique experience for the user in an easy to access virtual environment
  • Virtual Bitcoin Expo provides an easy to access online platform. This maximizes attendance, by removing the visitor costs

This is yet another example of what our future collaborative economy  will look like. All the participants will be a part of a greater change that seeks to build a foundation of a world that is more secure and transparent for the future generations. Personally, I’m quite excited to see what this expo has to offer since this is the first kind of event held by the cryptocurrency community.


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