Virtual Bitcoin Debit Cards Help Create New Jobs

Bitcoin has proven to be quite an interesting financial vehicle, especially once people started looking past the concept of using it for more purposes than just being a speculative asset. In countries where very tight capital controls reign supreme, obtaining BTC and a virtual Bitcoin debit card could be the way forward for starting a brand new small business.

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Bitcoin is Beneficial To Job Creation All Over The WorldTheMerkle_Job Creation

It is no secret that finding a regular job can prove to be quite a hassle in this day and age. Either one does not have the “relevant” work experience, or they don’t have the correct degree to do a certain job. Even with proper degrees, chances on the job market are not increasing, as those employees come with a far higher price tag.

Furthermore, not everyone in the world has access to financial tools like the Western world. In a lot of places obtaining a bank account, or even a credit card, is next to impossible. That doesn’t mean these people should be “slaves” of capital controls, but there are very few options at their disposal to do anything about it.

Bitcoin presents a way out in multiple forms. Not only is Bitcoin not controlled by banks or governments, but its technology can also bring financial services to the unbanked and underbanked people of this planet. One particular example is the introduction of Bitcoin debit cards, or to be more precise, the virtual variety of these cards.

While capital controls can still play a factor in obtaining Bitcoin through exchanges, most people will manage to convert a small portion of fiat currency to digital currency relatively easy. Once that step has been completed, the Bitcoin world is one’s oyster, so to speak, as there is a variety of options at anyone’s disposal.

Obtaining a virtual Bitcoin debit card is the next logical step, as it allows people to spend Bitcoin wherever credit cards and debit cards are accepted. Online marketplaces such as eBay, Alibaba, and nearly every other e-commerce platform in the world accept these virtual cards. Also, popular payment processors like Skrill and PayPal accept virtual Bitcoin debit cards without too many problems.

Where To Get A Virtual Bitcoin, Debit Card?TheMerkle_Virtual Bitcoin Debit Card

Various companies offer these virtual Bitcoin debit cards, such as Advcash, E-Coin, Spectrocoin, and others. Once a user purchases their virtual debit card, it will be activated in a matter of minutes, after which the balance can be topped up with Bitcoin. All in all, the entire process takes a few hours at most.

Obtaining access to such powerful e-commerce platforms then opens up business opportunities all over the world. Buying cheap items with a virtual Bitcoin debit card, and re-selling those items in local markets for a [minor] profit is a perfect example of how digital currency can create jobs. None of this would have been possible by relying on the traditional financial system.

Have you ever used a [virtual] Bitcoin debit card? What has your experience been like so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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