Viberate Launches Second Product Phase

Viberate is a project that is wholly disrupting the music industry. Ever since Bitcoin brought cryptocurrency onto the scene in 2009, many have seen the opportunity for blockchain technology to change almost every aspect of our lives and businesses. The latest blockchain trend is using ICOs to crowdfund projects in order to challenge the norms of various other industries. Viberate is not just another project with an ICO and a whitepaper; it actually has a working product. In fact, Viberate just launched the second stage of its product line.

Viberate Launches Stage Two of their Product

Earlier this summer, Viberate launched the first part of its product and showed how the service could shake up the music industry. The company set up a database of musician profiles which users, booking agents, and musicians could browse and add to. It also allowed musicians to track and analyze their individual music careers based on a plethora of data that Viberate provides.

In addition to the huge database of over 120,000 musician profiles, Viberate has just launched a venue and events database. The developers met their deadline of launching this database prior to the start of their crowdsale. They have added over 60,000 venues that users can browse through. In addition, they added 50,000 venues and over 200,000 event profiles. Users can also look for events and buy tickets for events in their area. Venues can also claim and create profiles, users can resell tickets on a secondary market, and users can create and promote their own events.

5 Reasons to Contribute to Viberate’s Crowdsale

Why contribute to Viberate’s crowdsale? Firstly, the team is an outstanding group of music industry professionals who have worked together closely for years. This gives them a shorthand that many investors have noted is crucial to the success of a project.

Secondly, the team says it likes to solve their own problems. This bleeds into the first reason a bit, but it is important enough to make a distinction. When people have to solve their own problems and deal with their own growing pains, they try that much harder to make everything work.

The third reason is that they want to keep their project realistic. They have done this by setting a cap on their crowdsale goal. They are seeking approximately US$6 million for development purposes and then plan to court another US$6 million for advertising purposes. Too often we see uncapped ICOs with an insatiable appetite for money and no real plan for how to spend it.

Fourthly, they actually exist. I cannot stress enough how refreshing it is to see projects running crowdsales that have working prototypes or full products. Viberate is a working platform right now. That is more than a lot of these ICOs can say about their projects.

Finally, music is a part of being human. It is a market that will never go away, and one that is in need of some invigoration. This is especially true for live music events. People will always seek out such events to experience the music outside of the sterility of recorded music.

For those who wish to participate in the crowdsale, it begins on September 5th and information can be found here.

Check out the platform here:

Here is a video explanation of Viberate:

Lastly, check out this interview with Viberate’s founders and advisors:

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