VeeCee Platform Looks To Integrate Smart Contracts In The Future

In this day and age of online expenses, it becomes more difficult for parents to track the expenses of their kids. VeeCee, a new initiative created by British children, wants to address this problem. In fact, the platform allows users to upload a list of things they want, and parents can then shop the list. Additionally, they can also use virtual currency so children can buy whatever they want themselves. This is an intriguing way to learn the value of money.

VeeCee Teaches Some Valuable Life Lessons

Parents have foregone their duty of teaching children about the monetary system and have created a very materialistic ecosystem instead.  Most children these days have no idea how money works or what it takes to earn it.   Giving kids everything they want, however, is not always the best course of action, as it won’t teach them the value of money, to begin with.

This is where VeeCee comes into the picture–a brand new online platform where kids can draft wish lists and parents can decide what to get them. What is truly intriguing, though, is how the platform uses its own virtual currency, called VeeCee. With this currency, children can buy the things on their wishlist, although they will have to make some decisions.

Spending the virtual currency is not easy, though, as it requires the consent of two adults who need to authorize the transaction. This gives parents some control over what their children can buy, while still providing them with a platform to put together what they want. It is a very simple service, which makes it easy for children of all ages to understand.

Walking the fine line between giving kids freedom and maintaining parental oversight, VeeCee is positioning itself as a unique platform. Some significant improvements will be coming, but the project will continue to operate. Blockchain technology will be introduced, and there is a plan to enable smart contracts as well. Creating goal-oriented smart contracts can be a powerful tool for both parent and child.

It is time that children learn that they can’t expect to be handed things for the rest of their lives. The current generations receive participation trophies, which sends an entirely wrong message to them about how our society works. Earning money is difficult, and it should not be spent blindly.

The usage of blockchain technology is quite significant for the VeeCee project. Because this platform is designed by kids for kids, suggests that this technology has a bright future ahead. Moreover, it also paints an interesting picture about the usage of virtual currency.

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