Is A New Bitcoin Vanity Address Generator

Bitcoin vanity addresses have alway had a certain appeal to cryptocurrency users all over the world, even though it is rather difficult to generate such an address oneself. is a new service claiming to offer this service in a secure and convenient way.

A Different Way To Get A Vanity Bitcoin Address

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Although most people are well aware of what a vanity address is, let’s quickly explain this for novice Bitcoin users. Similar to any regular Bitcoin address, the vanity address starts with a 1, but users can include a specific pattern. For example, their online username, or just some random short string of characters.

Generating a Bitcoin vanity address requires a fair amount of computational power, and the process can take several days or weeks to complete when using one’s computer. offers a scalable solution with a lot of computational power, allowing them to do single requests or batch jobs. Most of the results will be made available in 24 hours.

The reason such a Bitcoin vanity address is so popular is because it offers something personal for the end user. lets anyone generate a free Bitcoin vanity address with four random characters, whereas paid jobs reward users with eight characters of their choice. Quite an interesting offer but there always some risks associated with using a third-party service for this concept.

Every Bitcoin address to ever be generated has a public and private key associated with in. When someone generates a new address on one of their own devices, they are in full control of both keys. But when a third-party service is involved, there is no way to determine whether or not the end user is the only one holding both keys. claims users will generate a random keypair in the browser, and the private key is stored by the end user. This key will – allegedly – never be sent to the service. If this is to be the case, the end user is safe from any harm, as there is no one else who knows the private key. Always be careful when dealing with these types of services, even though may be legitimate.

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