UTRUST Partners with E-commerce Software Giant Gambio GmbH

Partnership to introduce more merchants to cryptocurrency

UTRUST has recently announced a strategic partnership with Gambio Gmbh. This partnership will enable UTRUST to serve over 25,000 merchants with crypto payments in Europe’s biggest economy, which is not only a big step for both companies, but for the industry as a whole. 

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Overview of GmbH

Gambio GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of e-commerce software to German-speaking countries since 2004. Their offerings are targeted at startups as well as more established merchants with complex requirements.

A variety of integrated interfaces, all major payments systems, shipping service providers as well as merchandise management systems can be connected to the shop system, allowing for a holistic view of things. One look at a dashboard is all it takes to make sure everything is running as expected.

Not only can all aspects of e-commerce be viewed through their software, but they all can also be controlled using Gambio GmbH’s offerings.

The ease of use and support of integration has led to the Bremen’s popular usage, and they now report billions in annual revenue.

This complements well with UTRUST, which is the world’s first cryptocurrency payments platform with implemented consumer protections on a large scale. With aligned interests and target market, a partnership was a natural one.

Partnership details

Once the partnership goes live in September, more than 25,000 merchants will then be able to effortlessly and securely accept cryptocurrencies as a payment.

Again, the partnership sends ripples through the market, as it also increases the total number of merchants that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method by a significant amount.

UTRUST CEO Nuno Correia commented on what he believes this partnership will mean for mass-scale blockchain payments;

This partnership is another huge step forward, bringing cryptocurrency payments to real consumers. Today, together with Gambio, UTRUST is once again making history. Blockchain startups should focus on partnerships with real businesses, real customers, and real use-cases. That is what is needed now, more than ever, for mainstream adoption”

Through this partnership, UTRUST can easily achieve its goal of becoming a global payment platform, akin to PayPal, but with support for the cryptocurrency. UTRUST not only looks to revolutionize e-commerce for existing potential customers but also looks to reach out to the 2.5 billion unbanked in emerging markets, a demographic that has yet to have its potential realized.

UTRUST raised over $20 million in a successful token sale late 2017, which it will use to fully flesh out a cryptocurrency payments platform, alongside partnerships like Gambio Gmbh.

With cryptocurrency a natural extension for e-commerce, Gambio GmbH has much to reap from this partnership as well. Cryptocurrencies are much faster and have cheaper transaction costs than traditional payment methods, which complements the ethos of e-commerce stores where prices are cheaper compared to brick and mortar stores.

Staying ahead of the curve and offering more payment methods than the competition will surely drive more customers to use their software, increasing revenue.

To learn more about UTRUST, visit their website as well as their whitepaper. UTRUST’s UTK token can be traded at KuCoin here. UTRUST’s Telegram can be joined here, allowing you to chat with the team and community. UTRUST also has a thread on BitcoinTalk, allowing users to speak with other crypto users as well. Blog posts are made on the Medium platform. For social media, follow UTRUST on Twitter and Facebook.