Using AI in Gig Economy – Latium Launches new Platform and ICO

The Gig economy is becoming the future of employment and freelancing. There is a shift around the world from hiring full-time employees every time to hiring specialists to do the job in a limited time frame. The gig economy was fueled by the rise of popular freelancing and gig platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, but they are both tightly controlled by these companies and take a mammoth 20% of the project money as their fees. Latium is announcing an ICO for a new platform to decentralize the gig economy and introduce proprietary AI for crucial automation.

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Now, one thing is for sure: a decentralized gig economy-based platform has to have automation at certain levels of the playing field or it will be difficult to function without a support staff. As you know, there are other such companies out there making claims about decentralization and freelancing, but the reality is that many of them are unable to fully automate the right part of their processes thus leaving gaps in their implementation.

Latium is the world’s only platform that determines the reputation score of a user or freelancer with the help of pre-programmed AI and “one-to-many” task relationship structure. Latium aims to become the first successful and scalable crypto freelance portal where you can pay with cryptocurrencies.

The project is currently backed by several credible names in the field of computer science — including John McAfee. According to him, Latium’s product is one of the finest bits of innovation in the crypto world he has seen in recent years, and is likely to become the first major decentralized freelance platform in the world to provide competition to the likes of Fiverr and Upwork.

The much-hyped AI by Latium uses its proprietary code to assign reputation scores to both task-makers and task-doers, making the entire process unbiased and automatic. It is difficult in the current gig-based platforms to come to a universal ranking system that works for all. In most cases, there is a conflict of interest towards the ranking of individuals with task-makers or clients being given the benefit of the doubt.

“The Latium platform revolutionizes how people earn money and opens up access to the cryptocurrency market to anyone seeking income, but who doesn’t know where to start in crypto,” said Latium Co-Founder and CEO, David Johnson

Initial Coin Offering and Launch

The LATX token will undergo a limited “white list” sale from from November 15, 2017. The main token sale will start from November 28, 2017 and 180 million tokens are available for the public. The total funding target is going to be $20 million.

The new platform is slated for a Q2 2018 launch — and there is a lot of anticipation around the project and its potential success.

To learn more about Latium, visit their official website.

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