USI Tech Withdrawal Issues Leave Cryptocurrency Users Worried

Any cryptocurrency project claiming to offer daily returns on investment will most likely turn into a scam at some point. For investors in USI Tech, it seems their worst fears have come true. The company has struggled with withdrawals since early January, and it seems things are only getting worse.

USI Tech has Major Problems

Anyone who takes a quick glance at the USI Tech website will know this program does not necessarily have the most honest of intentions. While they try to appeal to cryptocurrency investors of all kinds, their claims are quite worrisome. If this campaign is to be believed, users will grow their portfolios every single day, regardless of market sentiment. If that were possible, we would all be billionaires by now.

Moreover, the company guarantees that users will earn 35% referral commissions through a 12-tier program. While it is not uncommon for investment companies to give kickbacks to affiliates, the percentages offered by USI Tech have always raised questions. Not only will new investors make a profit every single day, but the person recruiting them will also get a percentage of the money these new users invest. It seems the company has a never-ending revenue stream to pay for all of this.

What is even more worrisome is how USI Tech claims users can withdraw their funds every single day without a hiccup. Unfortunately for those users, that is no longer a possibility as of right now. Nor has it been since early 2018, as it seems USI Tech has been hit by a string of bad luck. Either its withdrawals simply do not work, it has liquidity issues, or it is dealing with some legal issues which prevent them from giving investors their money back. No one is buying any of these excuses, though.

It is evident that projects such as USI Tech promise the moon and the stars to investors. Some people will fall for these tricks, whereas others will steer away from this platform. For the people who invested a lot of money in USI Tech, getting it out of the platform may prove very difficult, if not impossible. That is the price people pay for trusting a Ponzi-style investment program which makes claims that are simply not realistic.

Additionally, the USI Tech website sells so-called “investment packages”. As most people know by now, any company offering investment packages of any kind need to be avoided. We have seen things go from bad to worse for other companies offering similar products. OneCoin is the most notorious example, although BitConnect could easily fall into the same category. An investment package in the cryptocurrency world is virtually always a scam waiting to implode.

For the time being, we will have to wait and see how USI Tech decides to handle this uneasy situation. The company has not been too vocal about fixing its withdrawal issues or providing a solution to its investors. Projects like these give cryptocurrency a bad reputation, and it is evident that USI Tech has some explaining to do. Some people will make money when investing in these kinds of products, yet others will lose all of their savings. It is a high-risk, high-reward game, and not everyone will win.