Useful Recommendations to Submit Your Thesis Successfully

When you have to write your master’s thesis, you realize how big and challenging this task is. It is very important to take into consideration administrative issues as well as writing your content of the thesis. In this article, you will find a lot of valuable information on how to write your thesis. Usually, the final steps you have to take to make sure that your thesis is ready to be submitted are the most essential. So, if you are a master’s student, and you are on the point to complete your master’s, you have to continue reading this checklist to be sure that you are well-prepared to submit your thesis.

1. Check the number of words in your thesis

Every university has its own standards according to academic writing. That is why you have to be sure that the thesis you write right now stays within the word limit, which is allowed by your educational institution. Many professors are very strict about this point. So, if you do not want to lose any mark or get your thesis rejected, always check whether it is not too long or too short. Usually, you can check this information regarding the allowed word count in the handbook of your departmental or on the official website of the university. As a rule, students can be within 10% of the official word count. For example, if the official word count is 4000 words, it is possible to submit between 3700 and 4300 words for the thesis. However, every university has its own regulations, so check this information even before you start writing. 

2. Pay attention to all used references

It is necessary to add references while writing your thesis. We recommend you to check every reference at the end. You should identify all the statements in the thesis that require references. You have to check whether the reference is in the right place within the content. Do not forget to check the format. In most cases, students are requested to present references in the format: “factual statement (Author, year)”. Every reference you add to your texts should appear in the reference list, which is at the end of the thesis. 

3. Use proper formatting for your thesis

Just to write a thesis is not enough, you should format the thesis correctly. It can be a bother, that is why we recommend students to spare some time for adjusting the following things: fonts, margins, line spacing, etc. You should check whether you have added page numbers to the top/bottom of the thesis page. It will make reading more pleasant. Check if you have included a table of contents. It is used to list all your section headings and the page number where you can find it. Nowadays, many programs for writing can generate them automatically.

4. Put together the title page

One of the most important things of a successful thesis is a title page. Make sure that your title page includes the title, the university, the department, and the date. It happens often that a master’s thesis does not have the name of a student on the title page, as they may be marked blind. If this is your case, you are supposed to have the candidate number/reference number, which you should write on the title page instead of the name. 

5. Print your thesis for submitting

Many students, when they write their master’s thesis, they print it out on a regular printer paper. You will have to bind your printed thesis. You can use a comb binder and a binding machine. We recommend you to ask your admin office at your department if you can borrow these supplies or where you can find them. You will save a lot of money and avoid printing the thesis at a print shop! Nowadays, more and more universities allow students to submit a thesis electronically. You just have to convert your thesis to a PDF and submit it via an online form or you can send it via email.

6. Save the receipt

Some students submit a thesis paper copy to the university office, others prefer to submit it electronically. Anyways, you should get a receipt/acknowledgment of your thesis submission. Sometimes, it happens that a thesis is lost, so you can prove that you handed your thesis in on time. It is enough to demonstrate a signed note from your university to solve the problem.


We can congratulate you! You have written the text and made the last polishing of your master’s thesis. Now you deserve to relax and celebrate your huge achievement with your best friends and family!