Use Bitcoin for Amazon Purchases With Coinjay Chrome Extension

When it comes to spending Bitcoin, a lot of people are still looking for an easy way to spend their digital currency on Amazon. However, Amazon has clearly stated they will not implement Bitcoin payments anytime soon. So how can we use Bitcoin to pay for Amazon orders? Coinjay might be the Chrome plugin you have been waiting for.

Coinjay – Free Chrome Plugin

Coinjay is an extension for the popular Chrome browser and can be downloaded free of charge from the Chrome Store. And it works as advertised, whenever you are ready to pay for an Amazon purchase, a “Pay With Bitcoin” button will appear below the regular “Place Order” button.Coinjay purchase

Once you click this “Pay with Bitcoin” button, you are redirected to a Coinjay checkout page which is hosted by CoinBase. The checkout page will include the item you are looking to purchase, as well as the total price including shipping costs. From what we can gather by looking at the provided screenshots, Coinjay charges a US$5 fee per transaction.

Note from the Author: The exact fee could not be confirmed at this time, due to lacking information on the Coinjay website.

Limited Availability

Other than that, this CoinJay Chrome extension seems to be working exactly as advertised, even though there is a small twist. As long as you are using the US Amazon site ( , the “Pay with Bitcoin” button will appear. However, if you are using an international site, such as or, that button will not be visible.

That might strike you as odd, considering how CoinBase has expanded their service across multiple European countries, including France and Italy. So there technically shouldn’t be any reason for not supporting international Amazon websites, unless the developers deliberately coded the Chrome extension to behave like this – which would be quite disappointing.

Inactive Social Media Accounts, Website Lacks Information

As much as I like the idea of using a Chrome extension to let me pay for Amazon orders in Bitcoin, Coinjay is not striking me as the best option to do so. In fact, their entire website – with beautiful colors – lacks a lot of information, such as who is behind this plugin, why they are offering it, which fees they charge exactly, et cetera.

Granted, in the footer area of the website, we see a few names mentioned. Apparently, Coinjay is a product created by Baylaunch, a company you will find zero information about on the Internet. Richard Gong and Mike H. Lee are the creators of this plugin, but that’s as far as the information goes. Not exactly a good way to build a trustworthy relationship with potential customers, is it?

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