USB Armory, the 1st Next Gen Hardware wallet launches March 2015

In the market of hardware wallets, only one can boast unique features as USB Armory release the USB stick computer.

With the recent rise in Web wallet thefts many have turned to hardware wallets to store their Bitcoins. With over 250 Bitcoins stolen from the Blockchain wallet, but thankfully returned (just last week), users have become much more security aware over the dangers of using online wallets for bitcoin storage. Malicious Tor nodes, weak encryption are just to of the constant problems which are encountered with web wallet use and Hardware wallets have become a cheap and reliable option for many.

The USB Armory wallet launches early 2015 with one ambition, to introduce a new standard in financial security. With the developers at Armory working to perfect a solution intended to be as functional and suited to its main purpose, to help people manage Bitcoins securely and efficiently. On first glance the specs listed for the product below show how this new USB computer can blow its rivals out of the water including market leader Trezor.

  • ARM® TrustZone®

    The new hardware wallet by USB Armory. An open source USB stick computer for security applications.

    The new hardware wallet by USB Armory. An open source USB stick computer for security applications.

  • secure boot + storage + RAM
  • user-fused keys for running only trusted firmware
  • optional secure mode detection LED indicator
  • minimal design limits scope of supply chain attacks
  • great auditability due to open hardware and software

Read the full specifications and details of the USB Armory here 



The established Trezor wallet


The open source USB armory is caseless exposing the hardware marvel designed by the engineers. Packing a ARM Coretex processor and 512 MB of DDR3 Ram the computer on a stick is great value for money and on the bleeding edge of portable technology. However the USB Armory has some way to go to match up to the likes of the Trezor hardware wallet as whilst the USB Armory supports the Electrum wallet out of the box, Trezor has simplicity on its side. With abilities to trade, send and receive bitcoin with the touch of a button, the established hardware wallet has seen sales rocket to unseen levels. The USB computer however is not be underestimated as this experiment pushes the boundaries between computing the portability.

The need for hardware wallets in increasing rapidly with the flaws and security breaches wiping bitcoins from users of web wallets. Generating weak private keys and weak encryption has led to coming under fire for failing its duties. With it being delisted from the official Bitcoin website many have followed suit and opted for offline storage such as cold storage solutions. Whilst improvements and advances are being made in the field of web wallets security is much more tighter when utilizing offline storage solutions.

An ongoing crowd funding opportunity is underway at Crowd Supply where the company behind USB Armory is hoping to raise $65k, Once this has been funded the company will release a limited supply of 40 USB’s and production will go underway with the aid of the extra $65k. The cash injection will kickstart production with the company anticipating to ship the product within 6 weeks to potential buyers.