Uphold Releases iOS App And Developer SDK

Uphold remains one of the more unique trading platforms in the world, given their vast diversity of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and other tangible assets users can exchange. The company is looking to establish a presence in the mobile space as well, as they recently released their iOS application.

The Mobile Uphold Experience

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It is pertinent to any financial company in the world to make sure mobile users can access their services as well. Given the boom in smartphones all over the world, and the time people spend using these devices, it only makes sense for companies such as Uphold to release mobile applications.

The iOS app for Uphold has been released recently, which offers the same functionality as desktop users would experience when accessing the cloud-based financial services platform. iOS Users can store and convert in a form of money or commodity they perform through a user-friendly experience that provides secure and instant actions.

Cloud money seems to be the way forward for financial platforms right now, and Uphold is one of the market leaders in this regard. They offer various fiat currency trading options, mixed with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Voxels, and precious metals. All of these types can be accessed through the iOS app, although a verified account is needed to enjoy all of the services this platform has to offer.

The primary purpose of the Uphold mobile apps is to let users conveniently trade between various currencies, as well as give them the option to send money to anyone in the world.All it takes is a mobile phone number or an email address, and the funds will be sent in mere seconds. Recipients can then pick up the funds by creating their own Uphold account, which takes just a few minutes to set up.

Android users have been able to enjoy the same experience for a while now, and the application can be downloaded from the Google Play store on just about every device. iOS Users can find their respective Uphold app in the App Store, and the SDK is available for developers to tinker around with as well.

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