Upcoming Social Platform Voice Will Seemingly Require KYC Verification

A lot of EOS users had high hopes for the Voice platform. While that project will still launch, it seemingly doesn’t have further ties to the EOS blockchain at this time.

A lot has been said and done regarding the Voice project.

Voice is Getting a lot of Negative Attention

It is designed to revamp social network using blockchain technology and incentivization.

This is not a new business model, although it is an area that certainly needs more competition. 

Why Voice will not launch on EOS, is still a bit of a mystery.

There don’t appear to be any scaling issues, albeit it was a decision by the project developers regardless.

Some users are now concerned over how this new social platform is supposed to work.

Rather than simply giving users full control, it appears that a verification procedure will be in place.

That includes verifying real names, as there will be no aliases or anything along those lines.

Moreover, the KYC steps include providing a photo ID and proof of address.

Without following these steps, users will not be able to make use of what Voice has to offer.

As such, it is easy to see why some people are worried and dismayed over what is happening.

How all of this will affect the future potential of Voice, remains to be determined.