University College Dublin Focuses On Interactive Blockchain Education

More and more educational institutions are focusing their attention on bringing the blockchain to their students. University College Dublin is hosting an event called “Translating the Blockchain”. Quite an unusual event, so let’s see what this is all about!

Blockchain Educational Efforts In Dublin

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It is quite noteworthy more people are starting to focus on the blockchain these days, although there are still a lot of questions regarding this technology. This particular event is organized by the University College Dublin’s Centre for Innovation, which aims to bring together member sform all aspects of life to ponder over distributed ledgers.

Gaining a better understanding of how blockchain technology works is important for everyone in the world. However, that is much easier said than done, let alone exploring how this technology can be used in various aspects of everyday life. That being said, the possibilities and opportunities should not be ignored, which is why this event has so much value.

Bringing together a group of speakers from the blockchain industry with financial experts and regulators is a great way to make it clear for everyone as to how this technology can be used. There are a lot of questions regarding the regulation of distributed ledgers these days, but that does not mean entrepreneurs and startups should not explore the possibilities.

Interaction plays a critical role in gaining a better understanding of the blockchain. An interactive model allows for plenty of discussion on ideas, concerns, and a potential for collaboration down the line. This event achieved that through their World Cafe, where attendees got together and interactively engaged in discussions.

More events like these are needed to bring more positive awareness to blockchain technology in general. Although regulatory efforts are underway as we speak, it is important to keep the innovative aspect of this technology at the top of the priority list. This technology has so much potential, and it would be a shame to let all of it go to waste.

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