UK Launch of Android Pay Will Include Exclusive Deal-Focused Programme

Today is an important day for Android Pay enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, as mobile payment support will rolling out very soon. Additionally, Transport for London will support the payment method as well, making the purchase of tube and bus tickets a lot more convenient.

Android Pay Coming To The UK Soon

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The world of mobile payment solutions is becoming ever more competitive these days, albeit no solution can claim any global coverage just yet. For the time being, that “title” only applies to Bitcoin, as this global cryptocurrency operates beyond the limitations of traditional banking.

United Kingdom residents will be elated to hear Android Pay support will be coming very soon, as Google announcement the rollout earlier today. Keeping in mind how this mobile payment app uses NFC technology to let consumers make contactless payments, it will be interesting to see if Google’s take on payments can gain any traction in the region.

When Android Pay launches officially, credit and debit cards by Visa and MasterCard will be supported. However, not all of the major UK banks are on board with the program just yet. Despite these drawbacks, Bank of Scotland, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, and First Direct are all on the list of eligible participants, combined with some smaller players.

Moreover, any retailer already accepting NFC payments should need no further hardware upgrades to support Android Pay. This also means consumers can buy tickets for the bus and tube through the Transport for London initiative, and train ticket purchases will be supported as well. Additionally, the app will help users avoid getting a ticket for not tapping out when leaving the station.

Last but not least, Android Pay Day will be introduced as well, which is a UK-exclusive deal-focused programme. A new deal will be provided to Android Pay users on a monthly basis, and it will be posted the week before pay day. Among the participants are Starbucks UK and Deliveroo, both of which are quite popular in the region.

Source: Ars Technica UK

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